Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Day After MKL

The day after Martin Luther King's Birthday celebration this year is today, the nineteenth day of 2010. Birthday congratulations are in order for the lovely actress and singer, Katey Sagal, who appeared as Peggy Bundy in one of my favorite sit-com's, "Married with Children," and currently plays a main character in the scary biker show on cable, "Sons of Anarchy," which my lovely niece, Keri Lynn now enjoys, and who is naming her soon to be born son after another character from that show. Edger Allan Poe, Fritz Weaver, Ikuko Kawai, and Dolly Parton celebrate as well, along with many others I'm sure, and all of them are much older than me.
Lots of other interesting things happened on this date in history. The only time snow ever fell in Miami was on January 19th, 1977. As it happened, ("As it was supposed to happen," one of Kurt Vonnegut's character's was want to say), President Gerald Ford pardoned Iva Toguri D'Aquino, the infamous World War II propagandist known as Tokyo Rose, on that very same day. Indira Gandhi was elected Indian Prime Minister in 1966. In 1937 Howard Hughes set a new air speed record for flying from LA to New York in just 7 hours, 28 minutes, and 25 seconds, and the Confederacy experienced it's first significant defeat in the American Civil War at the Battle of Mill Springs in 1862.
Yesterday being a Monday, Martin Luther King Day was celebrated throughout the land, which was close enough to his actual birthday (the 15th), to still be pertinent. Being a civil rights purist, my lovely case manager, Erin, took the 15th off (called in sick) as well as yesterday, giving her a nice 4 day weekend which should leave her well rested for our yoga class later today.
Yesterday was thunderously rainy here in Los Angeles, something we don't handle very well ("Rain! What's that? Let me drive faster!") I spent the entire day inside my box nice and dry, watching "The Brady Bunch Movie," selected episodes of "The Invaders," on the SciFi Channel, The Ed Show on MSNBC, as well as Countdown and Rachel Maddow. Then a lovely movie staring Steve Zahn and Jennifer Aniston, entitled "Management," which had just been released in May of last year. I suffered a 60 second power outage, after which I watched "The Ugly Truth," a raunchy sex comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler on my computer, which I plan on making a DVD of for Erin (don't blame me for the raunch, dear Erin. It was written by 3 women), while enjoying my dinner of a tuna fish sandwich and mixed veggies. I then watched the end of "Superman Returns," The Colbert Report, "Daylight," and the Cher episode of "The X Files." I finally dozed off near 3 in the morning, and got up an hour and a half later to start my day. It is currently 8:01AM real time. Good Morning!
I explain in detail my day yesterday (including by the way, getting a huge amount of laundry done, and catching up on Email) because it was the last day of my recovering from feeling rather ill for a while, demonstrating how boring and monotonous my life is, and installing my new modem (fiber optic!), which I bought from the good folks at AT&T, my former employers, and will now allow me to get back to work (finally) on a regular basis, and I apologize dear readers for the recent interruptions. Hopefully everything will be fine now.
Besides celebrating the the life of the great civil rights leader, other things in the news mostly concern the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on the tiny island nation of Haiti, which occurred one week ago on the 12th.
The 7 magnitude quake (as well as at least 33 recorded aftershocks, 14 of which reached magnitudes between 5 and 5.9) has ravished one of the poorest, and least able to cope nations, affecting over 2 million citizens, with fears of up to 200,000 deaths. It occurred near the capital of Port-au-Prince, destroying most of the hospitals in the area, closing the main seaport, and seriously damaging the control tower at the Toussaint L'Ouverture International Airport, hampering greatly relief efforts. Morgues have been overwhelmed and bodies remain lying in the streets, or buried under ruble. Residents are now searching for toothpaste, reported Keith Olbermann last night, not to brush their teeth, but to paste under their noses to keep out the smell of the rotting dead. The Red Cross and Salvation Army immediately called for international relief efforts with many nations from all over the world responding very quickly, including the United States of course, raising funds and sending personal and emergency supplies as fast as possible. All the while the right wing sociopaths like Rush Limbaugh mock our President's efforts at humanitarian relief, labeling it all a political ploy to gain sympathy from black voters.
Also today there is a special Senatorial election being held in Massachusetts, to fill the seat left open by the late Ted Kennedy. The race was allowed to get very close due to a lackluster campaign by the democratic contender, the state's attorney general, Martha Coakley, against Republican state senator, Scott Brown. Currently they are tied in the polls, with the corporate media giving the edge to Brown to keep up their ratings. A Republican win would tip the balance of power in the Senate, taking away the democratic 60 seat majority, and affecting their ability to pass legislation, including Obama's current efforts at health care reform.
Which may or may not be a good thing considering the watering down of the current Senate bill, it's health insurance industry friendly stance, and the Republicans plans to run against Obama care this year, vowing to repeal it.
It's all very confusing and gives me a headache. It's also very interesting. We shall see.
Maybe I should lie down for a little while, stick my thumb in mouth and take a little nappy. See ya later!

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