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Happy Birthday Mimi (Rogers)!

Ms. Mimi

With Husband Tom

Glamour Shot

With David

The X Files

Pretty Lady

This morning it's my pleasure to give a very happy birthday shout out to one of my very favorite actresses, Ms. Mimi Rogers!
Miriam Spickler was a mere infant when she was born in Coral Gables, Florida, which is famous for its strict zoning regulations. Her father was a civil engineer, and her mom is described as being Episcopalian (I wonder what kind of medical you get with that). Apparently the family traveled around quite a bit, moving from state to state (perhaps her parents were really bank robbers), and England before settling down in Southern California, where I was living at the time.
Miriam, soon to become Mimi, is an exceptionally beautiful woman (for a girl), and she is also very bright. She's a member of Mensa, the international organization that is famous for discriminating against stupid people. Accordingly she graduated from high school when she was only 14 years old (show off).
I on the other hand, took my own sweet time about it, and didn't graduate until I took a make up exam when I joined the navy when I was 22. That's almost exactly an 8 year difference... and makes me feel very sad and inadequate.
Anyway, Mimi was involved with the Church of Scientology since she was a little kid, and married a church counselor, Jim Rogers, in 1976, when she was 20. They divorced four years later, after Mimi had began looking into a career in acting.
Her very first acting credit came in 1979 in an episode of the television series "Hart to Hart," starring our friends Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner. She got a recurring role on the police drama "Hill Street Blues," after which she secured more work on the current TV shows like "Quincy" (the forerunner to all of these current CSI programs), and "Magnum P.I." (a show I actually enjoy quite a bit).
Her big break though came when "Alien," and "Blade Runner," director Ridley Scott cast her as the female lead in the 1987 crime drama, "Someone to Watch Over Me, with Tom Berenger. Now she was in the movies.
That same year she married again to the budding star of "Top Gun," and "The Color of Money," Tom Cruise. You may of heard of him.
They remained married for a little less than three years, during which time Mimi got him interested in Scientology, and which he is still involved today. A lot of people make fun of some of the tenets of the Church of Scientology, it being founded by a science fiction writer and all. I say what the hell, it isn't any crazier than any other religion (except Unitarianism, and Buddhism of course).
Tom's celebrity overshadowed that of his wife hugely, and for quite a while she was simply known as the ex-wife of the star. But her career continued with somewhat faltering successes in films like "The Mighty Quinn," "Hider in the House," and "Desperate Hours." She played a small but interesting part in Oliver Stone's "The Door's," and then in 1991 she starred in the Michael Tolkin independent film, "The Rapture," a film concerning religion in America... sort of. Here's the trailer:
I actually saw this movie when it first appeared in 1991 at the Laemmle theater in Pasadena. I don't really remember why I went in to see it other than the poster for it looked interesting. And the film turned out to be interesting indeed. A somewhat frightening tale of flight into obsession and fanaticism, this was the first time I became aware of Mimi, and I was impressed. David Duchovny appeared in it as well. They would become friends, and Mimi would later play the part of the scheming FBI agent Diana Fowley on the "X Files."
In 1993 Mimi posed for Playboy magazine, getting her picture on the cover. That particular issue had a fascinating article on expitaxial graphene that I was interested in so I've seen the layout. It was actually pretty tame. She's displayed much more of... how should I put this, her ample charms (38D-26-36, Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine, a magazine that Duchovny's Fox Mulder subscribed to) in Nicolas Roeg's made for cable movie, "Full Body Massage," and "The Door in the Floor," with Jeff Bridges. I don't know why I felt this information was important other to demonstrate the incredible courage this remarkable actress has displayed throughout her amazing career.
Mimi had continued switching from television to film roles, some of my favorites being, the first Austin Powers movie, a remake of "Lost in Space," the "X Files," of course. Like our friend Katey Sagal, Mimi guest starred in a 1992 episode of "Tales from the Crypt."
She appeared on the TV series "Dawson's Creek," as the mother of Michelle Williams character. That show also featured a young actress by the name of Katie Holmes, who would later marry her ex husband, Tom Cruise.
In 1997 she and her producer companion and future husband, Chris Ciaffa, began making films of their own, one of them being an excellent television movie, "The Devil's Arithmetic," based on the historical novel by Jane Yolen, and starring a young Kristen Dunst, and our late friend Brittany Murphy. A re-telling of the holocaust seen through the eyes of a contemporary Jewish girl. I recommend it.
Apparently Mimi is another of these poker players who have to go on TV and bore us to death. Oh well, we wish her good luck in everything she continues to do, good health and fortune, and all of us here at Joyce's Take wish her a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Mimi!

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