Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Alright! We're back. Due to technical problems both in hard and soft ware, and a quick trip to Quillacollo, Bolivia (tamales), we are back after a two month break, ready to get started once again... hopefully uninterrupted from this point on. Please bear with me as I ease back into the routine.
And what has happened during this time. Massive earthquakes, destruction and loss of life in both Japan and New Zealand, the assassination of 9/11 kingpin Osama Bin Laden and his son by U.S. forces yesterday in Pakistan, the immediate and predictable attempt by Fox News and the Republicans to give credit for Bin Laden's death to George W. Bush, the assassination of Moammar Kadafi's son by UN forces in Libya, the conflict in Libya generally, and other countries on the Middle East, worries about the use and safety of nuclear power, huge active and unusual weather systems pummeling parts of the U.S. (but there's no need to bother with attempts to curb global warming which is fueling this phenomena the Republicans say, indeed, keep right on polluting), the reluctance by either party to have the balls to shut down the federal government even for an hour or two, the Republican's continued attempts to foist their ideology on the American public including their War on Women, the War on the Disadvantaged, medicare and medical and social security privatization (there's just so much money there that Wall Street just has to get it's hands on), and the biggest story of all, the White House's release of the President's long form birth certificate.. because I was starting to wonder myself. I mean if such a stable pillar of respectable society and the business community like the Donald is concerned I probably should be too (this guy keeps talking about how freaking rich he is. Well last year he didn't even make it on the 100 richest Americans list, tying with 5 others for a 153rd spot on Forbes Richest 400 Americans, along with Ty Warner of Beanie Babies. All he's got is 2.4 measly billion dollars. Even Oprah's got more than that (2.7)). And of course you never know what's going to happen tomorrow... so there seems to be lots to talk about.
And to the hundreds who have Emailed expressing concern I appreciate it very much, everything is fine, and I would like to remind my readers, especially my dear, dear sister, there are 469 posts at Joyce's Take so far that one can always reflect back on, 470 including this one... and I got another one in my pocket... that makes 471 ("Mr. Roberts"), including one delightful screenplay that no one has bothered to read, and of course the book sized Salvation Diary, which is almost complete.
Well I'm off to see the Dalai Lama, the peace loving baldheaded blind Buddhist bastard.


Rick Joyce

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