Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ann Romney Has Not Worked A Day In Her Freaking Life!

   There, I've said it. Attack me Republicans. I dare you.
   By the way, I think Cenk Uygur (damn foreigner) of the Young Turks did "a heck of a job" in summing up the so-called controversy the Republicans have manufactured concerning so-called "stay at home moms," in the clip above.
   I guess the term "housewife," is no longer in favor.
   Cenk, and his crew can be seen every weekday on Current TV, the lessor known alternative to Fox so-called news (the better known alternative being MSNBC), 7:00PM EST. I have to say that Cenk and I share a similar temperament in regard to dealing with right wing skullduggery, in an aggressive, proactive, illuminating, rational manner, rather than what one receives from the established Democratic base and politicians... who more than likely come off as a bunch of milk-toast, polite, above-it-all, pansies. Keep up the good fight Cenk.
   I have to say this though, we need to see, ur, hear more from the lovely Anna Kasparian. She too seems to share our temperament. Just a suggestion.
   I'm so bad.
   To sum up... CNN employee... Hilary Rosen stated April 10th on CNN's AC360, she thought it was wrong for Mitt Romney to be using his wife as his guide to women's economic struggles when she "had never worked a day in her life." The Republican Noise Machine immediately jumped into action, labeling her as being close to the White House and an Obama adviser (this is what is known as a lie), and that the statement was meant as an attack on stay at home moms, implying they did not "work." (This is what is known as another lie). Ms. Rosen said nothing of the sort, yet the Democrats, fearing they would lose the momentum they have been enjoying watching the Republicans eviscerate themselves by waging their "war on women," fell all over each other ridiculing Rosen, apologizing for her, and distancing themselves from her, the White House included. The Republican Noise Machine being what it is, kept repeating their lies, over and over, manufacturing a false controversy, that the Romney campaign took full advantage of, which they are still doing.
   Well let's leap boldly into the fray shall we, and examine the facts as presented to us. Has Ann Romney indeed worked in what would be called a job (other than raising children) in her life? Has she ever had to worry about feeding her children? Has she ever had to worry about sending them to school, or about their future, as Ms. Rosen's original statement quite clearly asked, but which was obfuscated immediately by the Republicans?
   Let me check on Wikipedia.
   Still checking...
   Nope, she hasn't.
   That's not to say she hasn't worked in other capacities. She worked hard in night school to get her college degree while attending to her growing family. I applaud that. You would never find me going to night school, because that's when the monsters come out.
   She at one time used to get up early to teach 6:00AM Mormon scripture classes five days a week for her sons and other children, but that's not really a job, is it?
   She's chosen to help during her husband's various runs for political office. Could that be considered a job?
   Not according to her own husband. Mitt (Mitt) told a group of potential voters, "I'm also unemployed," last June. So if he's running for office and considers himself unemployed, by extension, his wife who is helping him in the same endeavor is also unemployed. Thanks Mitt for clearing that up.
   I understand that she has been through a great deal of trauma when dealing with multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, successfully, using traditional and non-traditional medical treatments, and "horse therapy," riding her quarter million dollar horses. But guess what? A lot of people get sick, even rich ones.
   They even die occasionally.
   But keeping healthy and overcoming adversity doesn't constitute a job.
   A woman who claimed to work as a nanny to Ann and her brothers at the time Ann was dating Mitt called in to Stephanie Miller's show April 13th. She said that it was her job to do all the work, even take care of Ann's horse, during those years - and repeated several times that, while both Ann and Mitt are nice people, it's true that "Ann never worked a day in her life."
   Ann herself confirmed this in her rebuttal to Ms. Rosen's first remark, and by work, I mean a paying job that she used to sustain herself and her family.
   "I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work," Ann Romney said on Twitter.
   Raising children indeed is hard work. Since this has all began I've seen pundits on Fox repeat how hard it is, some claiming, mostly women, that raising children is the hardest job in the world.
   To this I say... bullshit.
   And I don't say that lightly.
   For one thing, who asked her to have five kids? I certainly didn't. But that's neither here nor there really, she's got the kids, they need to be raised, on and on.
   Ann Romney comes from a privileged family. She married a sociopath, I, er... man, who also came from a privileged family, and who would make a lot of money himself by flipping troubled businesses and throwing thousands of employees out of work (this are his qualifications for understanding how the American economy works, and why he should be president, because President Obama doesn't understand how the economy works, even though he has been working it for 3 1/2 years now... and it's improving).
   There are lots of housewives. It is hard work, physically and mentally. I watched my own mother do it, and it almost killed her putting up with me during my teens. Yet it's not like they are crew members from "Deadliest Catch." It's not like they're on an oil rig somewhere working a 16 hour shift, over and over again. It's not like they're on patrol in Afghanistan, getting shot at, or if your a woman, getting raped by your fellow soldiers (and when you report the rape to the chain of command, you're told to forget about it, or are diagnosed with a personality disorder and discharged, allowing your attacker to continue to rape).
   Those are hard jobs too, some might say harder than being a housewife.
   Id' like to see Ann hang out with Mike Rowe for a while, give her a ball cap, and do some real Dirty... and hard, Jobs.
    And about Ann Romney choosing to do what she does...
   "There are millions of women with children who go to work in America every day, not all because they chose a "career" over being a stay-at-home mom, but out of economic necessity. They didn't choose to go [to] a low-paying job to bust their butts every day while being harassed by an over-bearing boss because they wanted to, but because they had to, to pay for rent and food. They didn't have the choice to stay home and ride horses while their kids were off at private schools and their husband was at the office. Many working moms work because they have to." - Bud Meyers
   I'm not a stay at home mom. I'm not even a stay at home dad, unless Herkimer, my invisible cat counts.
   Still, I would imagine it's one thing to really choose to stay at home and raise children with the knowledge that you are financially secure and your children will be financially secure for their foreseeable future (and who may, or may not have resources such as nannies, maids, cooks, chauffeurs, secretaries, etc., at their disposal), and to be a low income wife, or widow, or mother whose husband is deployed overseas in the military let's say, who may have to go and try to find work just to make ends meet, and who worry about the ability to feed their children, provide for their education, and plan for their future.
   Just saying.
   But we'll continue this discussion later with Anns' husband's views on working, and the "dignity" he has been denying her.

To be continued:

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