Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Important Notice from Richard Joyce

Dear Readers, since Blogger has deemed it necessary to change its format recently I am now able to track those posts that seem to be the most popular on "Joyce's Take." It has come to my attention that the lighter articles... or posts, seem to get the most traffic, such as birthday celebrations, news about pikas and frogs, Kay Parker, Teresa Ganzel, the EPA, Tetranitratoxycarbon, Martians, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and my new book Skid Row Diary, garner the most visits by you, my dear readers.
   I appreciate this, believe me. However I do want to point out that I spend a great deal of time researching and stealing material from other reference sources, writing, and editing those posts that predominantly deal with the political, social, educational, and environmental (etc.) crises our country, and the world currently face, and will face in  the future, such as the impending contraction and corresponding expansion of the Sun five billion years from now. If we don't plan for this potentially catastrophic event now, then when will we?
   So I plead with you, dear readers, take this blog seriously. Forget about Allison Brie's birthday for a moment, and consider the current state of our political nature, our social discourse, and environmental doom.
   As I humbly point out, with your support, Joyce's Take may be the voice that will one day save this world of ours.


Richard Joyce, October 12th, 1492

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