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Discovery of the God Particle and Republican Alternate Universe, Part 2

... at least psychologically, which upon further examination and analysis of the available data may one day point the way for our physical scientists to actually discover alternative universes using our cherished scientific method, and thereby discovering where it is our Republican brethren seem to be trapped, and therefore creating a possibility they may one day be rescued and brought back to us who live in the real universe, or world.
But it seems unlikely.
They seem to like it wherever their poor bedeviled minds have leapt off to.
What verifiable, qualitative evidence do I have for this proposition? The evidence, like the hypothetical Higgs Field, is ubiquitous.
As I've mentioned previously in earlier posts many of my family's dear friends come from the south and mid west. Some of these I'm Facebook friends with even though I've personally never met them.
One is a man of about my age who lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He seems to be a likable individual. We are both single, exceptionably good looking, and love this country. We also share an interest in classic rock. He seems to be an intelligent and expressive individual... I'm a half wit. He apparently actively plays in a band, I have sung in bands in the past.
We have our differences. He is quite an active Facebook poster. Some are. I am not really. But I do monitor the posts of others that wind up on my page. My friend from the south is not shy about sharing his political and social views. I would dare say he is conservative in nature. Sometimes he posts things that are outrageous and usually I let it pass as I don't like to use Facebook as a platform to display my own political views, that is what Joyce's Take is for. However, sometimes I just can't help myself.
The other day I ran across one of his posts which prominently displayed a picture of 24 year old  alleged Aurora, Colorado gunman James Holms along side a picture of President Obama, with a caption reading, "Isn't it funny that in just 4 days we know more about James Holmes than we do about Barack Obama?" (by the way, one answer to our gun control needs in this country was provided by a listener to "The Stephanie Miller Program" this week. The Second Amendment does state we have the right to bear arms, but it doesn't say the government can't sales tax the hell out them, like they do here in California with cigarettes. How many more mass shootings will we see when each round costs $10)
My friends comment read: "This is so true!" and one of his friends wrote something like this: "Yeah, Obama's a Muslim," and something else, I forget what exactly. Something ill considered I'm sure.
Now I read this and thought to myself how can this possibly be true? Obama has been president for going on 4 years, which means he has virtually been under a looking glass for those 4 years. He's in the news virtually every day. The facts of his life are well documented and have been discussed exhaustively throughout the campaign that elected him to office. It isn't hard to find out about him if you look on the Internet machine. I just Google'd "Barack Obama," and there are at least 190 personal results (more are promised if I upgrade to Google+. I refuse to do this). He's written two books primarily about himself for gosh sake!
So how can this be explained? These people aren't stupid... except the guy that says Obama's a Muslim.
Obviously these people reside in an alternate universe, one in which relatively little is known of the President of the United States. Clearly this must be true. They certainly don't live in the same universe you and I live in dear readers. The universe where all we have to do is Google "Barack Obama," and hundreds of free references will come to your fingertips almost instantaneously.
I decided to try to rescue these guys, throw them a lifeline so to speak, and pasted Obama's Wikipedia page to my friends post with this comment, "Just click on this link guys and you'll learn all you'll need to know."
I turned from Facebook, did some other stuff, checked my Email to discover that my friend had commented on my comment. This is what he said: "No thanks Richard (he calls me Richard). I know all I need to know about this man."
Huumm, I wonder what he meant by that.
I couldn't help but reply.
"Really? I wish I knew all I need to know about Mitt Romney. He won't release his tax returns, or talk about his time at Bain, his Olympic records seemed to have disappeared. He won't talk about any specific plans or ideas of what he'll do if he becomes president. As a matter of fact we don't know anything about him! Maybe we'll find something out during the debates in October. We can only hope."
He made no further replies to this thread, and continued posting as is his custom a little while later (how do they manage that from other dimensions?).
Last Thursday night I watched an episode of HBO's and Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom (which is very odd as "The Newsroom" airs on Sundays)." In it the fictional anchor played fantastically by the always underrated Jeff Daniels spotlighted the real story of how Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Michelle Bachmann continued to spread lies about a trip President Obama was making to India last year I guess. They all claimed that Obama was spending $200 million of tax payer money a day on the trip, had an entourage of over 200 people, was renting the entire Taj Mahal to stay at (it's a mausoleum, not a hotel, and can't be rented), and was using like a quarter of the United States navy as a military escort, the whole trip costing over 2 billion dollars. The Daniels character reported that the White House states these accusations are false and had no base in reality. He further reported that these three and the head of the NRA insist that the President's hidden agenda is to get absolute control of privately owned guns. Absolute control to the point of repealing the Second Amendment. It appears the president's strategy to get control of the nation's privately owned fire arms is to allow them into national parks, and make no other laws whatsoever regarding guns. He's going to do it by being more gun friendly than George W. Bush, or any other recent president (these same people are now claiming that even though Obama didn't make a move toward gun control in his first term, if reelected he will be free to unleash his true, hidden agenda and usurp all of the nation's weapons).
Daniels character states, and I paraphrase: "I don't know why Limbaugh, Beck, Bachmann, and the head of the NRA are lying about the president and his family, but every time they do their ratings go up, more guns are sold, and the presidents approval ratings decline." He also suggested that like sex offenders, those who knowingly lie to the American public for personal and political gain be permanently and publicly branded as chronic, compulsive liars.
I agree.
It's my belief that these people, and Fox so-called news in general, act as wormholes in which viewers are sucked into alternate universes by listening... never to return.
"Don't get sucked into an alternate universe." Get Direct TV without Fox so-called news.
Examples go on and on. Like my friend's friend above, 30% of Republicans today believe President Obama is a Muslim. Almost one third of Republicans in another Universe (and let us not forget the Birthers (I always knew Donald Trump was not of this world)).
He's not a Muslim, but so what if he was? As far as I remember the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion in this country, with no religious test to run for national office.
Oh yes, but that's our Constitution, the real world one, not the one that exists in the Republican alternate universe, which states whatever the hell is convenient for Republicans at any time that is convenient for them.
Same holds true that the U.S. is a Christian country. It is in their universe, not the real one.
There's no climate change in the Republican universe. We just happen to be having a hot summer they say.
The hottest summers on record for the last 25 years.
In the Republican universe slavery was good for black people because it brought them here. They change school history books to prove it when they can.
The presumptive Republican nominee for president, Mitt (Mitt) Romney, seems to be able to slip in and out of the Republican alternate universe at will. It's called "flip flopping," and plain old lying:
His campaign has been running an ad recently stating Obama ran on a promise to change, and "what have we gotten? Continued high unemployment, a stagnant and weak economy, more restrictions on job creators," on and on, and again I paraphrase here, the tag line being "he tried, you tried... it's okay to make a change."
That ad comes straight from the Republican alternate universe. How do I know? Because if it were from the real universe it would go like this: Obama ran on a promise to change, and "what have we gotten? continued high unemployment (caused by the Republican recession), a stagnant and weak economy (caused by the Republican recession), more restrictions on job creators (companies are outsourcing jobs overseas and sitting on trillions in profits), he tried, you tried... it's okay to make a change (but not for the worse)."
We could continue to document the existence of this alternative universe almost infinitely, and therefore prove the existence of the Higgs Field without needing that big old 17 mile Large Hadron Collider, saving the planet a few billion bucks in the bargain.
But then again... it wouldn't be as much fun.

P.S. From all of us here at Joyce's Take, our hearts and thoughts go out to Wendy Schultz who is recovering from surgery for ovarian cancer. We don't care all that much about Ed, her husband, but we all love Wendy and wish her a speedy and thorough recovery.

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