Sunday, March 22, 2009

Walking With Ron 3

"Aaahhh! Aaaaaahhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhh!"
"One and a half hours they had me in that chair," Ron continued to Tall James. I had heard the story previously on the phone.
Three demons worked Ron over for one and a half hours to pull one tooth.
"They said I have good gums," Ron explained.
They had to break it to remove the affected molar. After forty five minutes they got half of the tooth out.
"Maybe we should quit now, and you can come back to take out the other half," one of the demons hopefully suggested.
Groggy with the oncoming pain as the anesthetic was beginning to ware off, Ron exclaimed, "Are you kidding?! I'm here now, don't stop until it's finished."
Disappointed, the demons continued.
"Man," Ron continued, "at one point the dentist (demon) slipped and the tool he was using jammed straight into the other side of my mouth."
"Damn," Tall James exclaimed. He's not much of a talker.
"And the pain killers was wearing off. Man by the time those jokers were finished I was F--KED UP!"
"Damn," both Tall James and I sympathized.
"It was weird. As I was leaving, all three of them said at the same time, kind of staring at me, 'Sorry for the inconvenience. See you next time.'"
"That is strange," I agreed, recognizing the demon possessed spawns of hell for what they were.
"They gave me a prescription for codeine, and I'm sitting downstairs in the pharmacy for over three hours waiting. My mouth is all swelled up, and I'm feeling it man. Ohh, I was hurting. I told the pharmacist, 'Man I just came from the dentist and I need something NOW!' Still they made me wait"
"Damn," Tall James and I sympathized again.
"I called my boss on the phone and told him what was happening, and he's laughing, telling me 'To man up.' Telling me to man up."
We all laughed at that, then with our conversation with Tall James completed, we began our walk.
Ron needed to make a purchase near Gladys Park and the Los Angeles Mission, so we walked from the Hippie Kitchen on Sixth Street, west to Crocker, north on Crocker to Fifth, then west again to Wall Street. Ron made his purchase, spoke briefly to some acquaintances, then we continued to the heart of downtown and the pawn shop.
From Wall to Los Angeles Street, where we turned south back to Sixth, continuing west to Broadway.
Broadway is one of the oldest streets in L.A., being laid out in 1849. "For more than 50 years, Broadway from First Street to Olympic Boulevard was the main commercial street of Los Angeles, and one of its premier theater districts as well. It contains a vast number of historic buildings and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places," Wikipedia tells me, and I have little reason not believe them. Broadway is a street in the technical term, but it is not called a street. It is not a boulevard, or an avenue, or a place, or way... it's just Broadway, the only thorough-fair I am aware of that does not have some type of designation. It is a busy street (except at night, when it's like, completely empty. It is usually a good idea to be indoors late at night around here) on any day, but on weekends, like that Saturday, it is exceptionably so. Literally thousands of people, mostly Hispanic, come out to walk, shop, and eat, at hundreds of establishments that offer goods for them to buy. Cheap. You can get anything downtown, to illegal drugs, to electronics, household goods, to clothing and food. Any kind of food.
Personally I buy prepared food and cheap cloths on Broadway, never electronic devices. Not any more. They are cheap, but of low quality, and soon stop working. I've been burnt a lot on VCR and fans. I bought one VCR from a shop on Broadway between Fifth and Sixth, took it home, hooked it up and it did not work. I took it back to the shop and they gave me another, which I brought home with the same result. I took that one back as well, they tried it and it worked fine. I took it back home, it wouldn't work. I threw it away.
And don't get me started on fans.Any fan you buy downtown will short out from anywhere from immediately, to one month, to a year if your very lucky, but it will burn out. Guaranteed.
So I spend a little more money for stuff like that and purchase them from Target, or Home Depot, someplace that will give you a warranty.
So from Sixth and Broadway we turned south to Seventh and Broadway, where the Ace Pawn and Jewelery Company does business.

To be continued.

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