Saturday, March 28, 2009

What I Do 3

At nine we must leave sweet Stephanie as her three hour program is now over and she is now free to go home, play with her dogs, and drink boxed wine.
Thom Hartmann (obviously an elitist, plain old Tom isn't good enough for him) now comes on the air, from Portland, Oregon. An author, entrepreneur, psychotherapist, Thom is considered the tenth most important talk show host in the country (Talkers Magazine), and the first most important liberal talk show host (the nine above him are all conservatives, proving the Republicans whining claims that the media is controlled by progressives). And he's a very nice and fair man. I've met him once too, at a screening here in L.A., of "The Eleventh Hour," the 2007 environmental documentary, produced and hosted by Leonardo DeCaprio, and in which Thom appears. He gave a brief talk after the film explaining how normal citizens could get their elected officials working to save our environment. Unfortunately, Bush was still the President.
Stephanie had Thom on her program once, where she forced him to say, "Stephanie Miller is the smartest woman ever."
I'll continue working, listening to Thom talk about politics and science, while watching the latest breaking news on MSNBC. At noon, when the Hartmann program is over, I'll turn off the radio altogether, and turn up the sound on the TV, and let Norah O'Donnell and Tamron Hall tell me what is going on in the world.
Depending on what day of the week it is, it is usually about this time I will run any errands that need to be done. Generally, on Mondays I'll attend the Garden Club at nine, out back behind my box. Last Monday all they did was replant the tomato plants I had planted the week before as they were too close together. I take it upon myself to make sure the plants are watered every, or every other day. Later in the day, at around two-thirty, I'll walk from my box, north on Alameda Street to Temple, where the Veteran's Administration Downtown Clinic is located. I attend a walk in Depression Group there at three, facilitated by the lovely Dr Kimberly. I'm very fortunate that this facility is so close by, and that it offers this particular service, for if it didn't, I'd have to go all the way to the Westwood Hospital to get depressed.
The Group lasts an hour, after which I'll reverse course and return to my box.
On Tuesdays we have Yoga Class behind the Produce Hotel on Central and Seventh, facilitated by the lovely Beth. Last Tuesday Yoga Class was canceled due to someone stealing Beth's car the night before. It is so sad when bad things happen to nice people.
Last Tuesday we held Support Group out in the garden where we played basketball, which is related elsewhere.
I'll also attend the weekly S.O.S. (Save Our Selves) meeting, at the Center for Inquiry-West, on Hollywood Boulevard, near Vermont. A sort of secular 12 Step meeting for recovering addicts who do not believe in ancient myths, or that onnipitent extraterrestrials take the time to save us from ourselves.
Thursdays we have Cooking Club at eleven-thirty at the Olympia Hotel (last week Peach and Apple Crisps! I made the oat and nut topping), and every Friday is Movie Day, where anyone who cares to can come and watch a movie, usually contemporary. Popcorn and sodas provided by Erin and Paul. I usually provide the movies because... well I just have a lot of movies, and get new ones all of the time.
I give Erin and Paul the weekends off so I can get some work done instead of attending all of these groups.
When not required elsewhere my evenings are spent editing what I have written that day, or previously. I have two manuscripts I'm currently editing, book length memoirs, or diarys, relating the events occurring during two years of my life. The first, when I came to the Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Center, in Pasadena, in 1990, where I eventually became an employee and Resident Manager. The second, the events surrounding my coming to my box five years ago. Hopefully, these will soon be available on this site.
I edit while watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I can remember when Keith was a local sports newscaster here in Los Angeles. Now he spends his time pointing out the right wings hypocrisy and lies, especially, but not limited to Bill O'Rielly, who spends an inordinate amount of time at the head of Keith's Worst Person in the World list. Rachel gives it to the right in her own way, by being nice, articulate, and funny. And she's so cute! I say this because it mortifys her and makes her blush.
After Rachel, I'll fix some kind of dinner, and watch a movie.
Then the day is done. At around ten or eleven I'll lay my weary head down upon my nice pillow and enter the land of slumber.
And get up the next day and do it all over again.
And that is what I do.

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