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Christmas After The Rains

The Storm


Baby Mohawk

I Intrude On The Tron Legacy Cast Party

The citizens of Los Angeles do not know how to deal with weather.
Or rather the only weather they manage successfully is the sunny kind, and many friends of mine who live in other, far away places wouldn't consider that weather at all.
My lovely ex-case manager, Erin, was wearing her rain boots a week ago last Thursday as Hardy (curse him) and I walked her out to her car on the last day of her regular service here at the Las Americas. She had been expecting it to rain because the Weather People had told all of us that it would begin raining on that day, and not only that, but that it would also rain for a long time. They didn't get the start date right, and Erin would be able to escape to New Jersey the next day without incident.
She would be entering another form of hell though, a snowy kind.
The rain started Friday the 17th of December, and it wouldn't stop until the next Wednesday, the 22nd. And the citizens of Los Angeles do not know how to deal with weather.
The entire state was affected as you can see in the satellite photo above of the west coast. Underneath those clouds was a whole bunch of rain.
In downtown Los Angeles where I happen to live we received 5 1/4 inches of the wet stuff in 3 days, that's 1/3 of our total allotment for the entire year. I don't know what we'll do come April when we run out of moisture.
Due to a lot of brush fires Southern California has experienced in the last couple of years there wasn't a whole bunch of vegetation to hold all of the rain soaked ground together, so in many places the earth moved in the form of mud. Water would also rise in places it wouldn't normally. Houses were destroyed. Teary eyed ladies would come on the news programs and tell of how they lost everything due to the rains.
The citizens of Los Angeles do not know how to deal with weather, so what better time to go hiking in the mountains than when a big storm is expected? Hikers had to be rescued.
A woman was rescued from her pickup truck after being swept away in rain-swollen Lytle Creek in the San Bernardino National Forest. She was pulled out and taken to a hospital in good condition.
As far as I know there were no fatalities of humans related to these storms, which is a very good thing considering the citizens of Los Angeles do not know how to deal with rainy weather. The birds didn't like it though. They were miserable. I saw them. Birds don't have anywhere to go when it rains so they just stand in it and endure.
It was colder than usual here in southern California, it being late December and all. Cold and wet.
For myself I stayed in my nice warm box as much as I possibly could throughout the series of storms that pounded the southland, which is good for me as I don't currently have good rain shoes, unlike Erin. A week ago today I walked to the VA Clinic up on Temple Street in the rain and got thoroughly soaked even though I had an umbrella, my shoes especially. But I had to go to my weekly Depression Group, or else I would have to face the week without being depressed.
When I got home I took my shoes off and placed them in front of a fan so the would dry.
I worried about the power going off in the neighborhood and my building, and how miserable I would be not being able to work until it was restored. The power did go off in the nearby community of Torrence, with more than 4,600 outages. Then I remembered that the only times that the power does go off on the building where I live is when it is really hot outside, and when we don't expect it to go off. So my thinking about the possibility of the power going off during the rain storms almost ensured it would not go off.
Good job Rick.
The rain was relentless. It just would not stop for 5 to 6 days straight. It finally drizzled out last Wednesday with a little lightening thrown in just to announce it's fairwell. One big boom of thunder shook me and my box mightily.
I was happy to see it go. My shoes are nice and dry now.
And Christmas was just around the corner.
But we would have no Christmas Party this year because..., well I don't know really. The two case managers were gone one week before Christmas. The incoming case managers, a Robert and Debra, would not know anything about any Christmas Party because they were new and didn't have the benefit of counsel from the old case managers because one of them took off to freaking New Jersey for the holidays, and who knows where the other was? I certainly didn't. Oh yes, and because SRHT management has been infiltrated by Grinches.
It's true. I've seen them.
So no Christmas Party for the Las Americas. Probably the Olympia to.
Nobody else cares very much though. Only me.
It's a matter of principle you see.
I bet the SRHT employees had a nice Christmas Party. Catered. With karaoke.
However, during this time I was able to see the sun set on the planet Mars which is quite remarkable when you think about it. You can see it too, dear readers, right here:
Images from the panoramic camera (Pancam) on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity were utilized to make that little movie which condensed about 17 minutes into 30 seconds. It being Christmas time the carol, "Deck the Halls," accompanied.
It was only a few years ago when images like that would have been impossible to see. We are in some ways very lucky to live in this age.
Of course people who are born two hundred years from now will say the same thing, and think about how backward we were in 2010.
If we don't blow ourselves up, and deal with all of the problems we now face.
Who knows, by then we may have finished paying off the Reagan and Bush tax cuts, I doubt it, but who knows.
Christmas Eve morning I discovered the picture above entitled "Baby Mohawk," which was the name my lovely friend Shannon christened it. It is a picture of my lovely niece Keri and her son Jaxen. I found this on the social network site Facebook. I added a comment, saying "That looks like my hair in the morning."
It's true. My hair does look like that in the morning. That's the main reason I shower regularly, to wash my hair.
The night before I had watched the new movie, "Tron Legacy," with Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett... and some guy by the name of Jeff Bridges. Well apparently this Bridges guy had made a movie way back in 1982 called "Tron," which was about him getting sucked into the virtual world of a computer program, and his adventures there. So "Tron Legacy," was a sequel, and guess what? The same thing happened, only to the Bridges character's son! Bridges was already in there, and his son was going to rescue him. A pretty good movie, with stunning visual effects.
There were two jokes in the whole film which is why I'm writing about it. The first joke referred to a line in the original "Tron," movie. Those of you who have seen it will know what I'm talking about.
"That's a really big door."
That's it. You'd have to have been there.
And the second joke has to be set up a little. Sam finds his father Kevin at his virtual house. Kevin's... apprentice, the beautiful Quorra, played by the beautiful Olivia Wilde, is showing Sam around the house and Kevin's book collection, which Kevin had somehow digitized and gotten into the computer grid. Quorra, a computer program, of course had never been in the real world, but she explained she had read all of Kevin's books
"My favorite is Jules Verne," she tells Sam. "Do you know Jules Verne?" she asks him.
"Sure," he answers.
"What's he like?" she asks.

To be continued:

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