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Happy Birthday Alison (Brie)!

What a Cutie!

Mad Men


Maxim Hot 100

Hi! This morning it's my great pleasure to wish a very happy 27th birthday to one of my new favorite actresses, Ms. Alison Brie!
What a cutie! Anyway, a few months ago I stumbled onto Alison's participation in the short comedy video "The Committee," on Will Farrell's Funny Or Die site, and I secretly fell in love with her almost instantaneously (although she's a little too old for me). Please don't tell anyone.
I mean the subject matter and imagery invoked within the short piece may not be to everyone's taste, or the type of humor, but I certainly enjoyed it, and all of the three actors in the piece are absolutely great, but Alison really makes it work... and she's the cutest, hence my undying admiration.
I have to admit I've never seen her in anything else until I wrote this, but I certainly will from now on, and guess what? She's an L.A. Girl! Isn't that wonderful!
Here's the piece I was talking about. Cousin Kathy please don't watch this:
I told you! Now you're probably in love with her too.
There is some controversy as to what actual city Alison was born. About half the sources I've checked say Pasadena, and the other half say Hollywood. Quite frankly I don't care which one it was as long as it wasn't Reseda. Both are in Los Angeles which makes her an L.A. Girl, which of course are the best in the world, because if they were born here and make it to 27 years old they can breathe anything.
Alison, when you read this please leave a comment which clears up this matter. If you can remember. Thank you.
I do know that she grew up in South Pasadena, which I am very familiar with, having worked for 4 years in Pasadena just north of there. And the Sunday morning A.A. meetings that Ron and I used to attend depicted in the "Salvation Diary," series, is in South Pasadena!
I also used to have a girlfriend who lived in South Pasadena. Patricia. A life insurance salesperson. Enough said.
Anyway, Alison was interested in acting at a very early age, and began performing at the Jewish Community Center in Los Feliz, which is a few miles northwest of where I'm sitting right now. I'm told her very first role was that of Toto in "The Wizard of Oz."
Hey, it's not as easy as you'd think playing a dog! And I should know.
Alison graduated from South Pasadena High School in 2001, then attended the California Institute of the Arts where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Theater. She then took off for Glasgow Scotland to study at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
She came back to America and began an exciting career as a clown at children's parties. Who knew you needed so much education for that?!
"I'd drive down to the office in Compton in a clown suit and pick up a bag of balloons and a boom box," she says.
And she continued studies in acting in Hollywood, appeared in an episode of "Hannah Montana," and was playing Ophelia in "Hamlet," in Ventura, when she auditioned for a part in AMC's "Mad Men," and got the part.
Now she's a big star and can do Funny Or Die Videos.
She how easy it is aspiring actresses. Just follow the simple steps Alison did and you'll be on TV in no time.
Now I make it a point never to actually watch "Mad Men," because I'm terrified of becoming addicted to Christine Hendricks. However, in 2009 she got a part on the NBC sitcom, "Community," with Chevy Chase.
Now I've never seen "Community," either. I will make a point of it next Thursday. I promise.
This year Alison has appeared in the independent film "Montana Amazon," with Olympia Dukakis, about a crazed grandmother on the lam with two teenagers. Sounds like fun.
And next year she will appear in "Scream 4," with, well you know, all of those actors who survived the first three Scream movies.
This year she was also chosen as #99 in Maxim magazine's "Hot 100" list. I assume they mean hottest 100 girls. Whoever placed her at that number are morons! She's definitely a #1!
Alison still lives in South Pasadena (you can take the city out of the girl, but not the girl out of the city), and unfortunately for me and every other guy except one, seems to have a boyfriend who sneezes a lot.
It being the appropriate time of year here is a little video of Alison portraying a sort of American Idol contestant auditioning by singing her rendition of "Santa Baby."
And all of us here at Joyce's Take wish Alison and her friends and family continued good fortune and health, and a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Alison!

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