Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Salvation Diary Fifty Two

"Salvation" artist Amanda Milke

September 6 Friday Day 360

I had set my alarm for 5:30. When it sounded I got up and turned it off, went back to bed and got up three hours later.
When I did finally get up I walked into my semi-private bathroom and smoked an unauthorized cigarette while contemplating my next move.
I returned to my room and donned my swim trunks. Looking awfully sexy, I made my way to the basement and exercised for about half an hour, then returned upstairs to take an unauthorized shower.
After lunch (beans and franks), I asked my friend, Jerry Schimmele, if he would like to take a walk with me to the mall that they have here in Pasadena. It being his day off, he agreed.
We didn't go to the mall at first. It was being circled by too many helicopters, so we decided to go to the Bank of America in order to cash my massive paycheck.
At the mall, Jerry went to buy our weekly Lotto tickets, while I explored Miller's Outpost in search of jeans. I found two pair that I liked. Although they were on sale I wound up paying more than fifty dollars for them. I shouldn't complain. They'd cost a lot more if I were in Moscow, if I could get them at all.
Jerry didn't want to buy anything, and I didn't want to spend anymore money, so we left the mall and began our journey back to the residence.
We met three hungry Mountain Trolls on the way, whom we had to trick into open sunlight to get by, where they turned to stone.
Stupid trolls.
We passed Joe Leberthon in the park, as well. He was sitting down in the soft grass with his girlfriend. We did not see her face. It was buried in his lap.
Joe said this to us,"Hey Jerry, I bought some speed from your son." He smiled after saying that.
Jerry replied with perfect grandeur, "Sure. Probably some hookers too!"
Jerry's son, Garth Schimmele, had at one time been a whore monger.
We walked on.
I was writing in the dining room, and drinking from a glass of ice water, when Ron Cooper came up to me.
"Rick, I've got an idea for you," he said. "I know you're a bachelor and all. What about Cathy?"
"What about her?"
"She's a real nice girl. And I don't think she's been with anyone for three years. I kind of noticed some eye contact between you two last Wednesday, and thought you should get together."
"You do?"
"Sure. She's a really together person, and she's real cute! I'd go after her myself, except she's my counselor and all. I'd kind of like just to have her as a good friend. Know what I mean?"
"Oh yes."
"So what do you think? About Cathy I mean."
"I think she's a wonderful girl. I like her very much."
"I knew it! Now that I know how you feel, I'll try to put in a good word for you."
"You will?"
"Sure. She's real nice. The two of you would be good together."
"You think she likes me?"
"Yeah. Don't worry. I'll fix it up for you."
"Well, thanks Ron. I really appreciate that."
"No problem."
I went upstairs to put my notebook away. I sat on my bed a moment thinking, and then to the desk to start my shift.

September 7 Saturday Day 361

Upon awaking I read a little, beginning my day slow and easy. I read from Luke, and then some of Vonnegut's "Jailbird," novel, and some from "Imperial Earth," by Arthur C Clarke. At 9:30 I dressed and went downstairs.
I had talked to my mother last night, learning that my Uncle Lester seems to be improving... eating more and gaining some weight. Tough old bastard. I was also told that my beautiful little niece has gotten into trouble again at school (my niece is nothing if not consistent). My mother said she would drive up Thursday afternoon.
Very good.
Things are going rather well right now. I'm quite happy.
I wrote until lunch time, and after I ate I went to the park to lie in the sun. An hour and a half this time.
Upon returning, I had just enough time to shower and dress before going to work.
I walked to Music Plus in the evening to get the weekend's movies. "The Rookie," with Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen, and "Goodfellas," a Martin Scorsese film, staring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. I played the Eastwood movie tonight for the boys.
Kevin Rockoff will be leaving the residence on Monday. He'll be moving in with Wolf Pandolfi, sharing living expenses. He seems to be doing well in his new job. Good for him.
I wish him well.
Hobart Rodgers has been seen staggering around the local area recently. Jim Dockens can't be far away. Apparently they've been boozing it up pretty good down at the park south of the residence (not my park), getting sick really fast.
I wish them well too.
I drove the guys to the Alano Club A.A. meeting, then brought them back when it was over. That's my job. I get paid for it.
Still, it was nice to get out of the residence and drive around.
Along the way I stopped at Vons and bought some microwave popcorn.
After my ten o'clock rounds I sat in the office and browsed through the "American Red Cross Standard First Aid Workbook." I would need to know all of the information that was in there by September 21st, in order to pass my American Red Cross Standard First Aid class. Tonight I learned all about emergency action principles and rescue breathing. Important things to know if you have asthma and find yourself in an emergency.
I then wrote for about an hour.
Just before midnight (the Witching Hour) I fixed myself an unauthorized egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin in the canteen. I then ate it. It was good.
After midnight I returned to the canteen and popped my microwave popcorn. I also grabbed a diet coke, then retired to the small T.V. room and watched "The Rookie," a typical Eastwood/Sheen film, with lots of gratuitous sex and violence.
After the film I said goodnight to Wolf, then went to bed.
I dreamt of the fungus monsters on Mushroom Island.

September 8 Sunday Day 362

Up at 8:00 for chapel where things went reasonably well. Not too much fumbling around with the collection plate. I changed clothes afterwards. They were unlikely to change themselves.
Then off to the American Legion building in South Pasadena. Ron Collins was absent yet once again due to a 10:00 Rams game. Robert drove Brian Montique and myself, plus Art Dean and Jim Shelton, who needed a lift to the Transition House.
Jill, Robert tells me, has moved to a different location, and hasn't given anybody her new address, so it would be little use to cruise her neighborhood in hopes of espying her, or making licentious bird noises outside her windows.
At the meeting I sat next to a man named Jack. An older gentleman who I had first met at last week's meeting. A very open and friendly person. He told me that if we drink long enough alcohol adversely affects us in three distinct ways.
"First," he said, "it affects our memory. Then... I forgot the other two."
He introduced me to the day's speaker, an Irish Catholic person, who used humor extensively throughout his talk, making that forty five minute period very enjoyable.
I walked back part way with Skip Fennel. We parted ways at the liquor store at Fair Oaks and California, where I purchased seven dollars worth of Super Lotto tickets. I can do that now because I am an employed person and receive massive paychecks.
By the time I got out of the store Brian Montique, Richard Reyes, and Scott Cremer came walking up. I joined them.
We chatted as we walked back to the residence. Somehow we got onto the topic of relationships.
"Man, these guys be hunting that pussy all the damn time!" Cremer exclaimed. "How can you get sober like that? I made a promise to myself that I would not get into any kind of relationship for at least six months."
"Shuusssch! Did you hear that?" I asked.
"What, Joyce?"
"The sound of the entire world's female population sighing with relief."
"That's very true," Scott thoughtfully replied. "I've wrecked some real emotional havoc in my day."
Haven't we all.
I changed into my sexy swim trunks back at the residence, then walked to the park to lie in the hazy sun for one and a quarter hours listening to some classic C.C.R. on classic radio.
At 5:00 I viewed a repeat episode of "Star Trek, the Next Generation." while reading parts of the Bible, the Clark book, and the co-dependency book.
Then I made my way to the small T.V. room to grab a seat for the evening's V.C.R. movie, "Goodfellas." A remarkable effort of Scorcese's.The film was disturbing when one realizes that it was based on a true story, and that some of the people depicted really did live that way (and continue to do so), which really is no way to live at all. All of the people in the film either wound up dead, in prison, or in some witness protection program totally dependent on the tender mercies of the United States government.
I felt like walking after the movie. I walked down an almost empty Fair Oaks Blvd. to the Los Tacos shop. There, I ordered three tequitos with guacamole to go. When they were ready I took them and ate them while continuing on to the Vons supermarket, where I purchased some multi-vitamins. Nine bucks for almost a whole year's supply. Not bad.
I also attempted to buy another Super Lotto ticket from the Super Lotto machine they have there, but it wouldn't accept my money.
It just was not meant to be.
When I returned to the residence I went up to my lonely room and read of the life of Jesus Christ in a historical context, which upon reflection, is probably the only way we should look upon the life of Jesus Christ, or anybody! I read about him while watching a repeat episode of "Cheers." After "Cheers," was an episode of the show "Monsters," that I had not seen before, and which starred Juliet Mills. I fell asleep half way through.
I woke briefly at 2:00AM, and flicked off the T.V., then knocked out again.

September 9 Monday Day 363

Rosh Hashanah, the Hebrew year 5752 begins today.
To celebrate I got up early and had breakfast (scrambled eggs and ham) with Robert. We each jovially swapped old Rosh Hashanah stories.
Afterwards I returned upstairs to my bed, exhausted from my celebratory efforts, and slept for a little while.
At 8:00 I got up, slapped myself awake, changed into my sexy swim trunks and hitched a ride on the elevator down to the basement and exercised for twenty six minutes, then hit the showers.
Soon I was in the lobby, writing my little heart out. Wendy came out from the counseling room once or twice, but had no smiles for me this morning.
Women are like that. Sometimes they smile, and sometimes they don't.
I wrote there in the lobby until 10:30, then I put my pen and notebook away, and dashed off to the bus stop to catch the 256 north. I departed the bus directly in front of the office of Dr. Campbell, the credit dentist.
Being basically very vain I had come to get my teeth bleached. I hoped that by bleaching my teeth most of them would get as white as my shining new front cap. I was unaware of how the bleaching process worked, or how much pain to expect once I was strapped into the dreaded chair of torture.
I soon realized I had little to worry about. They took impressions of my upper and lower arches, then sent me on my way telling me to come back next week. The most painful procedure they administered was to relieve me of a one hundred dollar bill.
The Pasadena mall was my next stop. I needed to buy a new shirt to wear on Friday night. Well... I didn't need to, I wanted to. And I did, I bought one. A nice light blue one. Very nice. On sale too!
I stopped by the warehouse record store to check out their Jethro Tull collection. I was not impressed.
Finally, I treated myself to a "Maxi-Steak" sandwich, just for the pure sweat hell of it.
I walked through the park on my way back to the residence, and wrote again, in the lobby. Wendy was still there much to my surprise and delight.
And before she left for the day, she gave me a nice smile and asked how I was. I told her that I was fine. We talked about school briefly, and "Romeo and Juliet."
In tonight's repeat episode of "Star Trek, the Next Generation," Tasha Yar and Mr. Data both got laid. To each other!
Good for them.
Seems to be a lot of sex going on on board the Enterprise lately.
I finished the co-dependency book that Cathy had lent to me. The author, Melodie Beattie, has a lot of valuable things to say within it, and she says them quite well. I'm very glad that I read it.
At 10:58PM I had my last drag off of my last cigarette. I'm finally going to give them up for good.
At 11:00, I changed the channel on my television to 28, and turned down the volume. Then I snuggled into bed nice and cozy, and watched Part 6 of "The Mind." The episode dealt with depression.
At midnight I was so depressed because I had quit smoking I had to roll over and go to sleep.
I dreamt of riding the range in Marlboro Country.

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