Saturday, September 5, 2009

Britney For President

Inspired by a recent appearance by Britney Spears on the David Letterman show during the top ten sequence, in which she told us how the country would be different if she were President, I asked some of my friends, those who I thought might reply, the exact same question, what ten things would you do to make the country better if you were president. Two responded, my lovely sister, Cheryl, and my lovely case manager, Erin.
My sister's response was very pragmatic:
"What a President is able to change and one that he is able to attempt to change are two different things. One thing that no President can change is human behavior. Human ignorance. Racism, and hatred. No matter how many laws are put into place dear brother. No President can change that. Homelessness, child abuse, hate crimes and guns laws. Making it a little easier for people with real health problems to obtain disability income. I would definitely want drug testing done for these people who file for welfare."
She rightfully points out that the real and tangible problems of human ignorance and hatred are having an increasing detrimental affect in this country, as is currently being so forcefully demonstrated by movements such as the "birthers," or "tenthers," vacuous crowds whipped up by Republican politicians and the likes of Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity just to cause trouble at scheduled town hall meetings, some even baring firearms, and that these problems are difficult to deal with in a democracy. However, ignorance and hatred which is born out of ignorance, can only be compensated by unbiased knowledge and education.
"I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." Thomas Jefferson.
We have done a poor job in keeping the public well informed, and there is a large faction of the government and business interests that would like nothing better than to keep as many of their fellow Americans as ignorant as possible, and spend their lives spewing falsehoods, lies, and propaganda, in order to direct that ignorance for their own political, social, and economic welfare. Walmart needs their slave workers happy and numb, anesthetized by overwork, a predatory and deteriorating economy, alcohol, video games, and cell phones that do everything from tying your shoes to directing you back to the nearest Walmart.
My sister also identifies the serious problems of homelessness, child abuse, and guns laws, although she does not offer any solutions one can guess that she would wish to end homelessness and child abuse, and from prior conversations with her I believe she would make it harder for individuals to aquire guns. Oh yes, she doesn't want people on welfare having any fun. I agree with her adamantly on the first three issues, but believe the last rather less serious of a problem of all that we face, and would hope that those applying for public assistance, which they've probably paid into throughout their working lives, the benefit of doubt, not automatically subjecting with the label of lazy, drug sodden degenerates (although some are, some living quite close to me). I would hope that drug enforcement is better left to Congress, the judicial system, and the police.
I offer my sister the chance to comment on my presentation of her views if she wishes.
So, to ask myself my own question in regards to the issues my sister raises, what would I do if I were the President?
Well, to quote Jethro Tull, "nothing is easy!"
First of all I'd have to begin by fixing the government so that it was an actual working entity specifically with the goals of making the lives of the majority of our citizens better, our country as a whole better, and because of the dominance our country holds in the world, the entire world better.
Right now corporations run the government, which makes this country a corptocracy rather than a democracy, with multi national corporations displaying undue power and influence within Congress, and the Presidency. You don't believe me, take a look at the current battle in Congress to secure national health care. It makes perfect sense to have health insurance for all of our citizens. The majority of Americans want universal health care. We can't afford not to have universal heath care! Yet it has been taken off the negotiating table. Failing universal coverage, it makes perfect sense to have a public option in our reformed health care system. The majority of Americans want a public option, and we can't afford not to have a public option, yet it too is being discounted by the Republicans, and its future is uncertain. Why is this?! Its simple, Congress is bought and paid for by large corporations such as the insurance industry that are the only entities in this country who would not benefit, and thereby does not want, and will do anything to stop, universal health care or a public option, both which would provide market competition and lessen their stranglehold over the nation, and monopolies they currently enjoy.
Accordingly, I would push for election reform, thereby taking corporate money out of the government. I would broaden rules restricting the use of lobbyists. Strengthen labor. And enforce the Sherman Anti Trust Act so it does what it was always supposed to do, make sure corporations do not gain so much power that they aquire monopolies, and become so large that when they fail the public does not have to bail them out and pay for their mistakes.
That would be hard to do seeing how Washington is so resistant to change or reform, but it is what needs to be done.
I'd do a few other things if I had the chance, and so would Erin, which we'll discuss tomorrow.
And I agree with Britney, and am a trifle disappointed that neither my sister or Erin suggested it, free pie for everyone sounds great to me. It certainly couldn't hurt.
Make mine lemon meringue!

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