Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've just returned from a little walk with Jose to a little whole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant on Seventh Street with Jose. His idea. The food was very good, but the air conditioning horrible. Cheese enchiladas for us both, and Coca Cola. Yummy!
Walking back I told him, "Now I feel like taking a nap and won't be able to get any work done. Thanks a lot, Jose."
"Your welcome."
And I plan on attending a outdoor screening of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," tonight in Pasadena, at the mall, sponsored by the Planetary Society.
It's been another interesting week, gaining and losing a friend, so I come out even I guess.
My lovely case manager has been so busy with paperwork involving an upcoming audit that she and Paul had virtually locked themselves up in their office for the last week and a half, being no fun at all. Except for yoga of course. Which was grueling this week. I must have had a lot of toxins built up because Beth had me sweating like a pig as she tortured... enhanced interog... put us through our paces. Erin of course just breezes right through. She's sporting a new hair style this week, which everyone except me complimented her on at this week's Cooking Club. All I can say is that it's very straight. And kind of hangs down... straightly. She reminds me a little of Morticia Addams... the Carolyn Jones Morticia, not the Angelica Huston Morticia. Still very beautiful, hell, Erin could be bald and wearing a burlap sack and she'd still be beautiful... as a matter of fact I wouldn't mind... ah, skip it.
Anyway, by Wednesday she had finished her audit work and could rejoin the living. I didn't see her on Wednesday because we don't do anything on Wednesday. But I did see her Thursday at the Cooking Club (Banana Foster, without the rum, damn it!), and Friday morning before the movie. I tried to tell her of the invitation I had received the day before to speak at the freaking 20th anniversary dinner for SRHT, but she was busy chatting with female clients all freaking morning. So I told Paul instead who seemed interested, and I Emailed that info to Erin, who had been invited to attend. My speaking engagement has not been confirmed yet. I'll find out Monday.
It was also very good to trade messages with my friend Shannon via FaceBook. She said she liked the post named after her very much, and that it made her miss her grandparents and my mother more than she thought possible. After reading it she called her mother, Bobbie, and told her about it, and then sent me this message:
"Just got off the phone w Mom... was telling her about your blog. She laughed and wanted me to remind you of the time she babysat you when she lived in Hollywood ... and you were waiting for her to make coffee. Remember why? She said you put a MOUSE in the cannister and was just waiting for her to find it. And she did!! She said you weren't afraid of her or anything and just laughed and laughed... She wanted me to tell you that her heart has never been the same!! She said something along the lines of "You little bast**d!! I'll kill you if I catch you!!" LMAO, apparently you ran like hell!! Smart boy you were!! Ahh memories!! She sends her love and laughs your way... : )"
I have no memories of this event, but know it was something I was quite capable of masterminding. I just wonder where I got the mouse.
Please, don't let anybody know, dear readers, but Bobbie doesn't like lizards very much either.
Oh yes, Bobbie has now made me responsible for any future heart condition she may incur.
I had received a box of chocolate cookie mix from Fred Jordan Wednesday and decided to bake them for the movie on Friday. Erin suppled the butter, me the egg, the mix and manpower. It had to watch these cookies very carefully while baking because my oven is broken right now and basically has only one temperature... broil. But I managed, and was able to come up with sixteen tasty chocolate chip cookies, after giving two to Erin, and one for myself, to taste test. It was good. I wish I had one right now.
Jose liked them too.
After subjecting poor Erin to the iconic, "2001, A Space Odyssey," a while back, it was only fitting that I should subject her to the more main stream sequel, "2010," starring our old friend from "Sorcerer," Roy Scheider. Erin enjoyed this movie much more and was thoroughly and actively engaged while watching. She was a little confused about some technical issues which I was only to happy to help clarify for her. For instance, why it was necessary for the Leonov spacecraft to skirt through Jupiter's atmosphere in order to slow down enough to be caught by the giant planet's gravity and enter into orbit, and why the Discovery spacecraft was used as a booster rocket at the end in order for the crew to escape before it's launch window.
"Your so smart Rick," she told me.
"No, you are."
"No, you are."
"No I'm not. You are."
"No, you are."
"No, I insist, you are."
"No, you are."
On and on. This conversation didn't really take place, but it would have been funny if it had.
"Are they in outer space?" Jose asked.
Afterwards, in Erin's office, she told me she had been in an automobile accident that morning. Obviously she was okay, so I wasn't too concerned. She had been driving to work in the fast lane when someone suddenly pulled out in front of her. She rear ended them, but there was almost no damage to either vehicle, and she and the two girls in the other car were alright, so telephone numbers were exchanged, and both continued on their respective journeys.
I walked out with her when she left for the day. She was on her way to get a $50 free massage that she had been suckered into buying because her mother had filled out some contest forms while at a fair when visiting her daughter. I asked her if she was interested in buying this bridge I happened to own in Brooklyn.
The only damage I could see was a bent front license plate.
"You must not have been going that fast," I told her.
"No, I was going pretty fast," she said.
"No you weren't."
"Yes I was..."
On and on.
Before she drove away I gave her a hug, and told her it was nice to get my friend back.
I should have told her to drive carefully too.
Later I took a walk with Ron, and we got into an argument, or actually he got into an argument with himself, I guess. He kept giving me unasked for advice and he resented the fact that I didn't automatically accept his word as gospel and had the temerity to question him, getting so angry that we went our separate ways. I think he's going insane, and quite frankly being around him lately has been more of an ordeal than a pleasure. We shall see.
Now I must leave for Pasadena. See you all, dear readers, tomorrow.

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