Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everybody's On Acid! 3

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were definitely partaking of the old French Tic-Tacs when they cuts taxes for the wealthiest among us to such a degree that we're still paying through the nose for their largess, not to mention a contributor to the recession we just pulled ourselves out of (many economists agree that the recession which began in December of 2007, and according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, an entity charged with officially dating the beginning and ending of recessions, ended in June of last year). The Republicans still claim that we're "in the middle" of a recession currently to explain their unwillingness to let the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire at the end of the year (and as yet I've heard no one call them on this). It is unclear that we will not return to a recession (double dip) due to austerity measures (now prevalent in Ireland, for example) and lack of federal spending in a large part caused by Republican deficit fear mongering. I blame the Reagan and Bush tax cuts, unnecessary wars, free trade (Clinton), and deregulation on the fact that 1 in 7 Americans (approximately 44 million) are now below the poverty level of income according to information gathered from the last census (a true national disgrace). "For the first time in memory, [an] entire decade has produced essentially no economic growth for the typical American household," states Harvard economist Lawrence Katz. Median family incomes in 2009 were 5 percent lower than in 1999. The number of US residents without health insurance climbed to 51 million in 2009, and the Republican's plan of action, why repeal health care of course. The net worth of households and non-profit organizations dropped $1.52 trillion during the period from April 1 to June 30 of this year. 35.7 percent of African-American children currently live in poverty. That number is just a little lower for Hispanic children at 33.1 percent.
The Republican response, keep the 700 to 830 billion in tax giveaways to the top 2% of income earners, and freeze, cut, or do away with social assistance programs... oh yeah, and make cuts in Social Security, even though it doesn't add a penny to the national deficit, and actually could be expanded with benefit increases for all:
Thanks President Bush. Do we miss you yet?
Glad you're gone.
Obama is looking into tampering with Social Security as well, with his so-called "Deficit Reduction Commission." He may have been chugging a few Rainbow Skittles too since August saw more Americans lose their homes to foreclosure than any other month on record, RealtyTrac reported last week. Banks repossessed a total of 95,364 properties in August. It's a good thing we bailed them out.
But I bitch and bitch and bitch. I better slip down a Wacky Ticky Tacky myself and calm down. Ooohhh, the colors!
There are some good things in the news. It's not all Republican dominated.
Masturbation has been deemed unholy by the new Republican Senatorial candidate from Delaware (I guess the news is still Republican dominated), Tea Partier and Palin clone, Christine O'Donnell. As Woody Allen once said, and I paraphrase: "Masturbation? But that's my favorite hobby!"
Well I think it's a sin as well, and it's about high time Christine called us out on it. Thank you. I would go even further in fact and go ahead and prohibit sex altogether. You didn't see Jesus Christ going around screwing all over the place now did you? No, I'm almost positive you didn't. Stop having disgusting, ungodly sex if your a Christian I say. If we want kids we can always adopt!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, on the traitor Karl Rove. He was very unhappy about poor Christine's unexpected win, so upset that he broke down and actually told the truth (or ate too much Purple Haze, one of the two) and said, and I paraphrase, that she was a crazy, irresponsible bitch who didn't have a chance in the November general election. And he's right, unless of course the Democrats stay true to form and manage to muck up this race as well as they did in Massachusetts with Teddy Kennedy's old seat. Karl said that right on the old Fox News air, with Sean "Bigger Head than Keith Olbermann" Hannity, who was reduced to a sputtering, mumbling response. Rush Limbaugh spanked him the very next day and he had to recant, getting back to his old self by saying he had been endorsing her all along. You go Karl!
Speaking of Sarah "Momma Grizzly" Palin, she had some advice for her clone mate, Ms. O'Donnell. Don't talk to anybody in the media unless they're from Fox News, presumably because, as obviously even Sarah knows, Chistine's views are crazier than bat shit and can't stand up to scrutiny by the general public, and by that I mean the voting public.
Sarah, shhhhhhhuuusssshhhh! You're letting the cat out of the bag. Keep making those kind of remarks and folks might figure out that Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party and Tea Party movement! Better tell Ms. O'Donnell to just keep a stiff upper lip, and to "re-load," like you always do.
In Alaska and parts of Canada the grizzly is still legally shot for sport. How interesting.
Here's some more good news Sarah. Chris Matthews of MSNBC's "Hardball," thinks you are a viable candidate for the next President of the United States because you're a "protestor," and you're pretty (by that criteria Jane Fonda should have been President in 1972). I think so to girl, so please, please run.
Just remember, don't talk to anybody unless they're from Fox.
Oh, you're already doing that.
What else is happening due to drug induced behavior?
Last Saturday, near midnight local time, BP was able to finally seal the Deep Horizon well, with only spilling an estimated total of approximately 206 million gallons of oil (at 1.26 million gallons a day) into the Gulf of Mexico as of June 11, which is about 12 to 13 times more than the Exxon Valdez in 1989. Over 2 million gallons of toxic dispersants have been dumped into the Gulf as well to help hide the oil.
They must be on uppers over there.
The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," policy of discrimination, actually the cessation of that policy, was brought before the Senate Tuesday, and filibustered by the Republicans, headed by John (do anything to get re-elected) McCain. The Democrats stuck it into a defense appropriations bill to make it harder for the Republicans to obstruct because of course they are against its repeal, as they're against everything that's good and true. This was the first time a defense appropriates bill has not passed in 48 years, which is a testament to how brazen the Republicans have become trying to placate their far right base.
They'll try again when Congress comes back from upcoming election recess. But don't get all happy and start hitting the magic mushrooms yet. The military top brass say they aren't ready to implement a repeal yet, and the President himself may veto the whole bill due to some provisions concerning our base in Guantánamo Bay, and pork barrel defense expenditures in it that the Defense Department doesn't want, and doesn't need.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of the Daily Show and Colbert Report, respectively, have obviously been huffing the PCP, announcing competing marches on the nation's capital for October 30th, a Saturday. Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity," and Colbert's "March to Keep Fear Alive" counter-rally are sure to clash and should be an interesting sight to see.

All of us here at Joyce's Take sincerely hope violence is kept to a minimum.
And last but not least, dear readers, my lovely case manager, Erin, after much persuasive effort and prodding on my part, has finally registered to vote in the state of California. It was a big step for her, and I hope that you along with me will continue to support her in every way possible as she figures out who to vote for in the upcoming election.
It is unclear if she has been dropping acid. Her sitting alone in her office, with a dreamy smile upon her pretty face while waving her hands and arms in the air directly in front of her, and humming "The Star Spangled Banner," may... or may not be an indication.
We shall see.

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