Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Stephanie (Miller)!

Liberal, and proud of it

Jim, Stephanie, & Chris save on the rent

Jesus H Christ!

Young & beautiful

What a cutie!

Happy birthday wishes go out this morning for one of my favorite comedians and radio personalities, a lady I hear almost every freaking day from six in the morning until nine, Ms. Stephanie Miller!
Stephanie Catherine Miller (Chris Lavoie, one of the Mooks, on Stepahnie's morning program, and it's producer and board operator, calls her "Stephanie Louise Miller," when she does something outrageous... no one ones why) was born in Washington D.C., as a small child. One might even say an infant. Appropriately enough she was born into a political family, her dad being U.S. Representative William (Bill) Miller, a former Chairman of the Republican National Committee (a spot now held by the enigmatic and beleaguered Michael Steele), and Vice Presidential nominee in 1964, running with Barry Goldwater. They lost to the incumbent, Lyndon Baines Johnson.
She was raised in Lockport, New York, near Niagara Falls, and which is the birthplace of William G. Morgan, the inventor of volleyball. She attended Catholic Schools and was ruined for life at an early age because of it.
Eventually she came to Southern California, where I live, and earned a degree in theater at the University of Southern California, just down the street from my box, and where case manager Paul is now attending school.
Like many former Catholic schoolgirls, Stephanie wanted to become a stand up comedian, and started out here in L.A. at the Laugh Factory, and worked in other clubs in New York and Los Angeles (the "Itchy Kitty" in Reseda). She got several small acting jobs, appearing as a nun in 1984's "Shattered Vows," a made for T.V. movie.
Stephie got her start in radio back in Lockport, and in 1985 she went to WCMF, 96.5 on your FM dial, in Rochester NY as "Sister Sleaze" on the Brother Wease Show. She went on to larger markets, working in Chicago, and New York. In 1993 Stephanie was hired by KFI here in L.A. and was successful with her very own weeknight show. In late 1995 Stephanie was one of the few women to host her own late night talk show, "The Stephanie Miller show," which had an entire 13 week run.
I guess she was always into politics, but veered away from her families conservative bent and became a voice for the liberal cause in 1997 as the counter point to conservative Bay Buchanan (former Treasurer of the United States under Reagan, and Pat's sister) on the CNBC television show, "Equal Time." In 2000 she hosted the Oxygen networks revival of the game show "I've Got a Secret."
Then, just before the catastrophic 2004 elections, "The Stephanie Miller Show" premiered here in Los Angeles live on KTLK, L.A.s progressive talk radio channel. The show was nationally syndicated and appeared in markets such as San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle, and on XM's Satellite Radio America Left channel 167.
She was broadcasting from nearby Burbank, and I remember the first show well. She started off by saying how she ran into Ryan Seacrest in the elevator on her way to the studio. She worked with aforementioned Chris Lavoie, and "voice extraordinaire" Jim Ward, actor and impersonator. Having a comedic background, "The Stephanie Miller Show," was a welcome break from the sometimes exhausting nonstop commentary provided by other radio programs, seamlessly mixing comedy and satire with the current political news, favoring a progressive agenda. I didn't have cable T.V. at the time, so listening to the radio was a major part of my day. I forget who proceeded Steph in the mornings, and I may have been listening to NPR until 6:00 AM when she came on, but Al Franken, now Senator Al Franken, followed her program, and Ed Schultz after Al. When Al quit Air America and radio to run for the Senate he was replaced by Thom Hartmann who still retains that spot, and is considered like the number 1 progressive program in the country now.
During the time Bush was in office Stephanie began each hour of her program playing Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It," a symbol of the left's determination to keep fighting until he was out of office. After Obama won the election the shows theme song was changed to Katrina and the Wave's "Walking on Sunshine."
The show features segments such as "Right Wing World" ("we listen so you don't have to"), where the previous day's lies and follies of the conservative wacko's are examined and properly ridiculed, favorite targets being Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and any and all Republican politicians who opened their trap. And "Celebrity Stack," where Hollywood news and gossip are discussed, all replete with sound effects and fart jokes.
I've mentioned before that I've seen Stephanie live at a march here in downtown L.A. She looked over her shoulder at me as if I were a crazed ax murderer. I don't know why (I should leave my ax at home when I go to these things), and she has even read one of my Emails to her over the air when I defended her when the Mooks were giving her a hard time and being disrespectful. I think I offered to beat them up.
There was no further trouble from those two.
Stephanie lives by herself here in Los Angeles (excluding a brief, misguided stint in New York, when the show was "bi-coastal" for a couple of months. I don't know why. No one does), at least she doesn't live with other humans, but owns and coexists with some of the biggest freaking dogs I've ever seen (picture above). What is she trying to compensate for?
Just a couple of weeks ago she "came out," and stated she was a lesbian (damn it! All the good ones turn out to be lesbians. Well, I guess I can't blame her. If I were a girl I'd be a lesbian too).
A link to the show's web-site is just to the left.
All of us here at Joyce's Take love her and wish her continued good luck (she hasn't had a great deal lately, tripping over herself and breaking her foot), and a very happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Stephanie!

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