Saturday, August 8, 2009

Conservative Or Liberal?

Conservative, or Liberal?

My lovely case manager, Erin, recently asked me if I held conservative, or liberal view points. I have to admit I was taken aback a bit, and answered, "You haven't been reading my blog," which was a stupid response on my part, as I know she reads it occasionally, and for which I have suffered vast retribution.
However, I'm pretty sure she skips over those posts that may be political in nature, for others that may interest her more (such as those where she is mentioned). I understand that and don't mind. I'm happy that she reads it at all.
But for those of you dear readers who do happen to follow all of the posts know that my position on most political issues tend toward the progressive, or liberal side of the isle.
Now Erin knows this too.
I don't think she cares either way, but now she knows.
My own dear sister, Cheryl, holds some conservative views. She even watches the Fox Misinformation Channel every now and then, and is tired of the constant bickering between Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann (you keep it up Keith. As long as Billo keeps lying, I support you reporting it). I think that when women get older and become mothers that they tend also to become more conservative in nature, as they wish to protect their nest by maintaining the status quo.
But that is not necessarily the case.
Our world changes daily. Our environment is changing, and not for the best. How do we deal with this issue?
The Conservatives tend to wish the issue of climate change does not really exist, despite a vast amount of scientific evidence otherwise. Why?
I know that the petroleum industry has a vested interest in the subject of climate change. It's their products that are continously being dumped into the atmosphere and which is a major ingredient in pollution in general, and global warming as well. I also know that that same industry sponsors a public relation campaign intended to debunk the whole theory that the atmosphere is getting dangerously warmer, and that those scientists who argue against global warming tend to have direct affiliations with Big Oil too. Why are they doing this?
I believe the answer is that the petroleum industry will stand to lose a great deal of their current record profits if they admit that global warming is real, and they are forced to deal with it in an effective manner. In other words they are being grossly irresponsible.
Now I'm all for making a buck. I even have three on me right now (and some change). But not at the expense of my health, my sister's health, or that of my niece, or Erin, or their potential children, or the health and well being of my neighbors, the country, the world, and all future generations.
Now back to that question of why the Conservative position seems to be to resist efforts of effectively dealing with an issue as important to our entire species as global warming, or over fishing the worlds oceans, or advancing universal heath care for all, or a host of other issues. The answer seems to be a resistance to change, maintaining that old status quo, and hoarding as much cash as possible during one's lifetime. True, if you are exceptionally wealthy you may be able to insulate yourselves from the detrimental effects of global warming, for a while, or will be able to afford caviar, for a while, and will be able to get the best medical treatment money can buy.
Still this seems, at least to me, to be an irresponsible and selfish position to take.
So I tend to take what is often labeled the opposite, or liberal/progressive view, which to my understanding is not to ignore these issues, but to tackle them in an effective, innovative, responsible manner, that is beneficial to all, not just a privileged few. By golly, taking this liberal stance will even be beneficial to those privileged few, in the long run. They only have to pay their fair share, another thing they are hesitant to do.
Responding vigorously to pressing problems in a responsible, thorough way that alleviates the problem rather than worsen, or ignore it seems to me to be the right way to proceed. It will help all of the world's mothers and their families.
It's a question of personal make up I believe. To be extremely selfish and short sighted, or work for the benefit of all, and thereby helping myself in the process.
It's a easy question for me. How about you?
By the way, dear reader, the lovely lady to the right of my lovely case manager in the picture above, is Erin's friend Courtney, who I was happy to meet recently. She's very nice, but doesn't like the taste of water.
Please stay well hydrated, dear Courtney. We need you here.

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