Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome Maryn

I've recently (not more than a week ago) discovered I have a Cousin Glen. Apparently his father and mine were half brothers. He lives in Illinois, and of course I've never met him, but we have Emailed each other exactly twice.
We were put into contact due to another cousin of mine, who I have met. But very long ago, like forty three years long ago. Her name is Janet, and she is as lovely as I remember her. I just recently got into contact with her, through my lovely sister, Cheryl.
Now back to Glen. He is married to a lovely young lady (I've seen her picture) who's name happens to be Erin, a name I've become very familiar with. And yesterday, at exactly 12:53PM local Illinois time, a wonderful thing happened.
My new first cousin once removed, Maryn Margaret (pictured above), came into the world. She was born weighing 5 pounds and 9 ounces, and 19 inches long (I have not been told how thick she was). She was very young at the time. Being so little she will be staying at the hospital for about a week to make sure everything is okay with her, but all indications look good, and everyone is very pleased and excited about her arrival (plainly it had been expected, but it certainly was news to me!) Erin (not my Erin, my lovely case manager, but Glen's Erin) is doing well, and already up and about.
Well I think that this would be a good time as any to welcome Maryn to the world.
Welcome Maryn! You are certainly a lovely little baby girl, and I wish the absolute best for you, and hope for success in all of your future endeavors. If I can ever be of service just let me know, and I'll see what I can do.
You are a very lucky little girl. Why? Funny you should ask.
First of all, you were born a healthy human being. It is very good to be a human being on this planet because they are the dominant life form here. They are at the top of the food chain, which is a very good place to be. Just try to avoid open savannas in Africa, and swamps in the Everglades, and swimming off the shore of Australia, and you should be alright and stay right on top of that food chain (and please stay away from mountains. They are good places to avoid if you can help it).
Human beings have a unique advantage to all but a few of the other animals that inhabit the planet with us. Human beings are self aware. You may not be right now, so much, but you will gradually become more so as you get older (and in the next few years it might be a real good thing to start learning, not only English, your native language, but other languages as well. As many as you can, for during the first few years of your life your brain will be very receptive to leaning difficult things such as languages. Believe me, it will be a lot harder later on in Middle School. Might as well learn how to play the piano as well. Once you learn these things you'll always be able to get a job as a translator and rock musician).
Many animals and insects are self aware to some degree (that's why bugs run away when you try to smack them), but human beings are especially so. They can understand the world and what's happening around them to such a degree that they can plan ahead! Some other animals can do this a little bit, but we humans can do it a lot, so much so that we can fairly accurately predict what is generally going to happen in the future, which is very good because we are able to avoid things that are bad for us, which is very important.
We live on a big round rock that goes around a bigger burning star that provides all of the light and energy that we need to stay alive and be happy, and is not too close to the sun, or too far away. How lucky is that!? It's kind of a weird situation to be in, but that seems to be the case and I invite you to learn all about astronomy so you can learn more about where we all live. Oh yes, 99.999999999998 per cent of the whole universe does not even know that it is there. So we are very lucky indeed!
You are also very lucky to have two fine parents who love you and will always look out for you and your best interests. Try to be nice to them.
You are also very lucky to have been born here in the United States, because this is a fairly affluent country, and the chances of your growing up, learning more stuff at school, not getting nasty diseases, and doing what ever you decide to do in your life are very good. A whole lot better than if you were born somewhere else. Even if you stay in this country, and haven't figured out what you want to do yet, you will still have a better standard of living than about 95% of the other people living on this planet with us. So please remember how lucky we are, and be nice and try to help those who are not as lucky as us, through no fault of their own.
There are so many other things to be thankful for because we are so lucky, but you will discover them in time. For now I wish you and your parents all of the best, with love and peace, and a great big welcome from all the rest of us!

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