Monday, August 10, 2009

Eating Healthy

My lovely case manager, Erin, was not feeling well today and stayed home. Accordingly, case manager Paul, Hardy and I thought it would be a good time to have the Annual Garden Club Barbecue and Dodger outing. We roasted 12 chickens, 2 pigs, and a half of an entire cow on the old barbie, then had to take a field trip up north as the Dodgers were playing the Giants tonight in San Francisco (by the by, I once spoke to long time Los Angeles announcer for the Dodgers, Vince Scully (no relation to Dana) while working as a long distance operator for AT&T. He was making either a collect, or person to person call and asked for my assistance. I'm almost positive that he would have accepted the assistance of any one of the other able operators who were working near me, but he got me. He was very nice. That was in the late eighties, and he's still doing it! Sixty years now. I just heard him on the Internet live!).
Just kidding Erin. We would never have our Annual Garden Club Barbecue and Dodger fest without you. Besides, Paul wouldn't drive us to Frisco! (By the by, Paul got a brand new car last week, a brand new Honda Civic he received under President Obama's "Cash for Clunkers," program. The Republicans don't like the "Cash for Clunkers," program because it works. It's good for the car buyers as they get new vehicles that get better gas milage than the gas guzzlers they had been driving (Paul says he's saving $20 a tank full now), the car dealers and manufacturers sell their products quickly, and it's good for the economy. The Republicans call the program a bad public policy. They don't like things that work while Obama is in office because it makes them look bad (don't worry, Republicans, you look bad all on your own). Why do they hate America so?) He did give us a nice ride in his new car though, to Home Depot, where we purchased some more garden dirt (and a brand spanking new "All Purpose" 5 gallon bucket! You can do absolutely anything you want with this bucket as it's "All Purpose!"). His car is very nice, and has good suspension.
Erin is considering using the program to get a new car as well. I hope she does.
Because last week we made the very same trip to purchase the same thing. A whole bunch of garden dirt. And some pumpkin seeds. I asked her how much it cost to fill up her tank, and she told me it was very expensive, so I hope she can make use of the program while it still exists. Besides again, birds have been pooping on her car.
Anyway, last week, returning from Home Depot and waiting for Hardy to conclude some business at his bank, I told Erin we should go to IHOP (International House of Pancakes).
"Rick!" she exclaimed, "That's not eating healthy."
"Yes it is."
"Pancakes!? Lovely chocolate chip pancakes. That certainly is not healthy."
"You don't have to order pancakes, Erin. You could get an omelet."
"IHOP is not healthy, Rick."
"Okay, okay."
After waiting a couple of more minutes I said, "I think we should go to IHOP."
"Richard Ruprecht Joyce! IHOP is not healthy!"
"Okay, okay."
Despite what IHOP may have to say about Erin's claim, I relented, and we ate healthy that day, or healthier, I should say.
You see we've both recently been very concerned about our respective complexions, and skin in general, and have concluded that good skin starts with a healthy diet.
Erin has curtailed her habit of picking up a breakfast sandwich each morning on her way to work from McDonalds, who might also dispute the nutritional value of their fine products, and we have taken it upon ourselves to make each other healthy breakfasts. It is the favorite meal of the day for us both, and if I may say, a lovely way to start the day.
So far we have experimented with our own healthy breakfast sandwiches (which Erin seems to enjoy very much, as one time I had given her what looked like to me a perfectly viable low sodium cheese a pepper omelet, with English muffins on the side (butter optional), only to find her stuffing the thing in between the two slices of bread. The peppers picked fresh from our very own garden. We have tried spinach omelets as well. I am only waiting to muster the gumption to attempt a Feta, Tomato, Fish Oil, Double Whammer Banger Deluxe Ultra Flaky Sesame Souffle.
We even offered two nice salmon and rice dishes at the Cooking Club last week. Scrumptious!
As of yet I haven't seen much change in my facial skin. I still have to shave on a daily basis. But what have we given up to pursue our new found healthy life style (remember, we do yoga too!). Erin has given up McDonalds breakfast sandwiches, and I have given up sausage yogurt, ham gumbies, and weenie tots for my morning meal.
Is it really that much of a price to pay?

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