Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Leah!

Birthday wishes go out today for one of my favorite people, my lovely case manager's roommate, lovely Leah! (pictured above. She's the pretty one in the middle) In the picture she was busy giving away TOMS shoes to the little children of Argentina, because that's just the way she rolls. She's also a wonderful singer. Her Facebook page lists her interests as photography, cycling, travel, and paper (paper? Perhaps she makes her own... like I do), and her political affiliation is "Peace," which is a beautiful affiliation to have. Her birthday happens to coincide with the first day of summer, which is exceptionally appropriate for such a bright, warm, and caring young lady. Please join me dear readers as we wish Leah a very happy birthday. Happy Birthday Leah!


  1. That Leah is just a wonderful girl. Happy Birthday!

  2. thank you Rick!! this means a lot :) hope you're well & we miss you on sunday night.

  3. Is this the Rick Surwillow that was in the Navy with Steve Hammonds Email