Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hi Julia!

I've noted elsewhere that my lovely case manager Erin has a problem with absolutes. Ask her what her favorite book or author is and her mind will go on overload. For instance, in preparation for a future Support Group, case manager Paul printed out questionnaires asking clients what three songs meant most to them personally, and the artists who produced them. I had no problem with the request and quickly wrote down three songs I've loved since I was able to appreciate music: "I'd Love To Change The World," by Ten Years After, "Rock And Roll," by Led Zeppelin, and "Witch's Promise," by Jethro Tull (a good case could be made for "Feeling Stronger Everyday," by Chicago, which I forced Erin to watch and listen to via You Tube, and which I wrote to her in a late night Email, that this song literally helped save my life when Jan left me due to my rampant alcoholism).
Erin on the other hand went into a state of shock when attempting to complete the simple form, and had to consult with friends on line before she could come up with just one song and artist. To this date her song form remains uncompleted. "I've really got to get to work on this," she says.
Ask her who her best friend is, which is an absolute question, she has no problem whatsoever. "Julia," Erin admits. "She's my life long best friend."
Julia is currently visiting Erin.
Presumably Julia also comes from New Jersey, as does Erin (I once burnt a DVD video for Erin of the Kevin Smith romantic comedy, "Jersey Girl," simply because she is a real Jersey Girl, and I'd never met one before. She promptly gave it to case manager Demitri), and they've known each other since they were four years old.
Last Wednesday I was the only one who showed up for Support Group, so Erin, Paul, and I went on an impromptu field trip, first to Starbucks, then a local 99 Cent Store to purchase earwig poison (Paul and I have successfully ridded our garden of the pesky insects, with much enthusiasm from Paul. "Die you little bastards," he would exclaim while dosing the bugs with a mixture of ammonia, dish washing detergent, and water. "Die, die, die, heres another one, gotcha!" It was rather alarming actually) and Easter Egg supplies for the next Cooking Club (egg salad sandwiches. I was put in charge of the egg dye). During the ride back Erin related how it was that she met Julia. It seems her father had once dated Julia's mother, setting up the circumstances for the four year olds meeting.
"Want to play with Barbies," Erin asked Julia.
"Yeah, sure," Julie replied.
After playing with said dolls for four minutes, Erin inquired, "Want to be life best friends?"
"Yeah sure," the agreeable Julia answered.
I have yet to meet Julia, though I am expected to this Monday when we go to the CBS Studios to participate in a taping of the game show "The Price is Right." I look forward to our meeting.
In the meantime I would feel remiss if all of us Los Angelians did not welcome this lone visitor from the mysterious east with a hearty hello.
Okay, all together now Los Angeles, "Hello Julia!"
"Hello Julia! Hi," Los Angeles shouted.
Was that all of you?
Oh come on, I want all of you. L.A.P.D.?
"Hi Julia. Welcome to Los Angeles."
Officer Madison? Come on.
"Hi Julia."
That's better. Let's stop being so parochial. I want all of California to greet Julia. Alright California, "Hi Julia!"
"Hi Julia!" California exclaimed. "Hello. Have a nice time with Erin."
"Hello young Julia. What a girly girl, and these kind of things!" says Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Welcome to Californiea."
Thank you all. Thank you.
I can force Los Angeles and California to do anything I want because writers can do that.
I'm sure that if Julia were here, or aware of this blog, she would say hi back.

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