Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Bags

I've been told that the term "Tea Bagging," has certain sexual connotations. I myself tea bag on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, I'm tea bagging at this very moment: Orange Pekoe. Please excuse me while I take a sip. Uuuummmm, that's good.
Our Republican friends are either blithely unaware of the slang meaning of the term, or exceptionally stupid. I think it is a safe bet that it is a little of both.
Tomorrow, April 15th, is tax day, meaning our annual income tax reports should be filed by the end of the day. Republican activists have planned to stage "Tea Bagging Parties," tomorrow, and are sending tea bags to President Obama and Democratic members of Congress to protest Obama's tax policies. This is being nationally supported and advertised by Fox News, and the likes of Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity, the same tired son's of bitches that have always based the world view on a failed ideology rather than reality.
It is even unclear what they're protesting. The Republican activists promoting the "Great Tea Bagging Protest," are either pretending to be outraged by supposed higher taxes they will have to pay under Obama's plan, or they've been misled and lied to, whipped into a fury by engine of the Fox News propaganda network. But under Obama's plan taxes will be cut for 95% of Americans, which has already begun under the President's Economic Stimulus Package, in the form of lower payroll taxes. That began this month. So most of these misguided protesters are protesting higher taxes while already paying less. They say they are also protesting government spending. Where were these protests when Bush increased spending to record levels?
So what are they protesting? Higher taxes for rich people? So it would seem.
The poor rich people who Bush has favored for the last eight years with tax breaks that have helped get this country on an economic meltdown. That's what this protest is about, which is sponsored by the very rich who are so afraid of paying their fair share, which would still leave them in the ranks of the ultra-rich. It is simply unbelievable.
Shear frustration also plays a role. The Republicans are essentially impotent at this point. They don't have Congress, and they don't have the White House. It's a miracle that they don't completely control the judiciary. The Democrats can pass any laws they like no matter how much the Republicans rant and rave, cry and whine. The only thing they can do is stage these silly protests, which amount to one big howl at an un-responding moon.
Let me make myself perfectly clear. The Republican Party in its current form, or its leaders only respond to one motivation which is based on greed and selfishness: to promote the interests of the wealthy and the corporatocracy. They call themselves the party of family values and the Christian faith, but they are liars. Since when is corruption, avarice, cheating, and bullying considered examples of family values? Since when does enthusiastic involvement in unnecessary wars and the resulting death of innocent people have anything at all to do with the teachings of the gentle man known as Jesus Christ? The Republican Party is the party of hypocrisy. They will do anything to achieve their goals of amassing power and money. Anything. They will lie, cheat, and steal their way into power if they can't get it legitimately, which they can't because the people that control them, corporations and the rich, are a minority in this country. This is a fact that is extremely inconvenient for them come election time. So in order to win elections they have to lie, cheat, and steal, and dupe a large percentage of the population that simply find it too difficult to think for themselves (Rush Limbaugh's ditto heads, come to mind). They will subvert the Constitution this country was founded on in order to archive their goals to the point which boarders on traitorous. This is demonstratively true, and they've proved it over and over again.
It isn't to terribly hard to figure out. They are very brash about what they do. Citizens who reside in fear, homophobia, ignorance, and hate, tend to stray to the Republican mantle. They think that maintaining the status quo is going to keep this country great, but it will only keep it stagnant. Change is horrifying to the Republicans. But the world changes each day, and if we don't adapt accordingly we will simply be left behind, and ourselves will become weak and impotent. Barack Obama represents change and evolution, and the Republicans are scared shitless of him and what he represents. They will do anything their poor, tired little minds can come up with to hinder his progress.
Fortunately they are now powerless to do so. These pathetic tea bagging parties are an example of that powerlessness. They lost the election having had their way for the last eight years, and they blew it, big time. Time for the adults to take over.
I imagine we should be thankful that some Republican strategist has yet to come up with with other lame ways to stage protests. Let us hope that we never hear of Dirty Sanchez parties, and let's not forget the Stinky Hitler.

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