Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Carla (Gugino)!

Snake Eyes

Happy birthday wishes go out today for one of my favorite actresses, Ms. Carla Gugino!
A Florida girl (Sarasota), and Irish (with a smidgeon of Italian and English mixed in), Carla moved to Northern California when she was 4 years with her mom, after she separated from Carla's dad two years previously. She is very smart. You can tell just by looking at her. She was a straight A student and graduated school as the valedictorian, which is a pretty big deal. She's very pretty too... for a girl, and was discovered by a modeling agency when she was just fifteen years old, and moved to New York, where all of the models go.
But she's a little short person (5'5" 1.65m) and they wouldn't let her walk the runway at those fashion shows, so she moved back to California after a little while.
Her Aunt is Carol Merrill, who you may remember, dear readers, was the model on the game show, "Let's Make a Deal," for 14 freaking years (my dear mother was once in the audience of that program, but the host, Monty Hall, did not pick her as a contestant... the bastard). She suggested Carla study acting.
Which she did! She's been in many films and television shows, some of them her very own which she starred in, like; "Threshold," a short lived science fiction program which I thoroughly enjoyed, but CBS canceled with 4 episodes left unaired (the bastards). And "Karen Sisco," where Carla recreated the character first played by Jennifer Lopez in the movie, "Out of Sight." Again the bastards at ABC canceled the show before all of the first seasons shows were aired (bastards).
She's also appeared on the television programs "Who's the Boss," "The Wonder Years," "Quantum Leap," "Spin City," "Chicago Hope," and "Entourage," as well as many others.
I first noticed Carla in the 1998 Brian De Palma film, "Snake Eyes" (above pictures). For seem reason she caught my eye... I don't know why.
Some of my other favorite movies she appeared in (like Gene Hackman and Michael Caine, and a few others, Carla makes any movie or television show better just by being in it) are: "Jaded," "Judas Kiss," "Spy Kids" (and the other films in the series), "The One," "Sin City," "Night at the Museum," "Righteous Kill," "Watchmen," "Race to Witch Mountain,"and "Women in Trouble."
Carla lives right here in Los Angeles, though I've never met her. She lives with her "partner," writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez, and I'm told she spends her free time practicing yoga! Just like me!
I invite Carla right here and now to attend yoga class with Beth at Yogi Anonymous on Saturday evenings in Santa Monica. Come on Carla. Let's see what you can do! I'll even pay for your session ($14, suggested donation).
Anyway, all of us here at Joyce's Take wish Carla continued good fortune, and a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Carla!

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