Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave!


Our ship - The U.S.S. Mount Vernon

I had a few good friends while I was in the navy. A guy named Steve Hammonds, who was a fellow Boatswain mate (hey, somebody's got to steer the freaking ship. You can't rely on officers to do it, that's for sure), a man nicknamed Dirt, who I've forgotten his actual name, but he was an Electronic Technician who loaned me his car once when my Australian fiance came to America to visit, and who we used to play cards with in the Radar Control Room while smoking marijuana (aboard the mighty USS Mt. Vernon LSD (Landing Ship Dock) 39, since sunk as a target in 2005). An ex-Radioman named Martinez who got busted to the Deck Dept where I worked (I was a failed Fire Control Technician student who also got sent to deck), and who was in charge of the Bosun Locker on the forward deck, when I was in charge of the Paint Locker back aft ("hey recruit, go get me a can of striped paint!"). And my friend Dave Cornman, who opted out of the Officer Training ROTC program to be placed in the Deck Dept so he wouldn't have to serve as long.
I've got in contact with Dave recently via the various social networks now available, and am glad to say he is doing very well as the proprietor of Lancaster Video Productions back in his hometown of Lancaster Pennsylvania, where Kodak once rained supreme. The link to his site can be found in the Link section to the left. If you're ever in and around Lancaster, dear readers, and you need something photographed or videoed and edited, Dave is your man.
Dave and I had a great time together while in the service, although I was pretty much drunk most of the time. We spent a year (1980-1981) up in Portland OR, while the ship was in dry dock, and Dave got a job on the side as a security guard, and got his own car and apartment, which he used to let me hang out at, even when he wasn't there. I used to watch David Letterman, in the daytime, when he was first starting out at NBC. And it was in that apartment that I learned of the death of John Lennon (my favorite Rock drummer, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin had died just a few months before). He even dated my Aussie fiance for a while after she quite wisely broke up with me (a Ms Janine Cory).
Well today is Dave's birthday, and all of us here at Joyce's Take wish him a very good one. Happy Birthday Dave!

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