Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Madaline (Stowe)!

Happy birthday wishes go out this morning for one of my favorite actresses, Ms. Madeleine Stowe! A Los Angeles girl (Eagle Rock actually, which we affectionately claim as part of Los Angeles), her mom was Hispanic (from Costa Rica), and her dad from Oregon. She was an unsociable child, just like me, and spent a good deal of time learning to play the piano, unlike myself. After her music teacher passed away she gave up solitude and began studying cinema and journalism right here in downtown LA, at USC (University of Southern California) where case manager Paul will be going to school. While performing at a theater in Beverly Hills, Madeleine was noticed by a talent agent, who offered her work in the business.
In 1982 she married her husband, Brian Benben, a fellow actor, and they've been together ever since. He starred on an HBO show called "Dream On," which I remember as being one of the first shows having actresses like Catherine Bell get naked. The show was famous for that, naked actresses and cursing, possible at the time because it was on a pay-cable channel.
Anyway, for nearly fifteen years Ms. Stowe appeared mostly in minor or supporting roles in movies and on TV. Some of my favorite TV shows that she appeared on were; "Baretta," "Little House on the Prairie" (not one of my favorite shows really, but one of my friend Jose Montoya's favorites. Madeleine played a blind painter), and, well, that's about it.
Some of my favorite movies with Madeleine are; "Stakeout" (with Richard Dreyfuss), "The Two Jakes" (with Jack Nicholson), "Closet Land" (with Alan Rickman, the master criminal in "Die Hard"), "Unlawful Entry" (with Kurt Russell), "The Last of the Mohicans" (with Daniel Day-Lewis), "Short Cuts" (a Robert Altman film starring a whole lot of other people. She shared a Golden Globe Award with her fellow cast members for Best Ensemble Cast), "Blink" (in which she played a blind musician), "China Moon" (with Ed Harris), "The Proposition" (with Kenneth Branagh), "Bad Girls" (not a porno), "Twelve Monkeys" (with Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis), and "The General's Daughter" (with John Travolta). Yeah, I like her movies a lot.
Madeleine has two children, a son and daughter, and lives on a ranch with her family in Texas... I don't know why.
But I do know that all of us here at Joyce's Take wish her a very happy birthday today. Happy Birthday Madeleine!

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