Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mac & Franks

My lovely case manager, Erin, and I watched the classic film, "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," last Friday at "Movie Day. "
Two others watched it with us, Greg and Fred, but after eating their popcorn they soon migrated elsewhere (not that they didn't like the movie, I heard Greg laugh and chuckle a few times).
Poor case manager Paul had called in sick again. He's so delicate.
So for the last half of the film it was just me and Erin, and Erin seemed to enjoy the film very much.
For my part I enjoy the fact that Erin (and Paul) enjoy the movies I pick out for them. The only reason I attend "Movie Day," is because they both come (and actually enjoy coming to "Movie Day," unlike other case manager's we've had in the past that shall remain unnamed, e.g., Marisella & Demitri). I'd slave over searching out and making DVDs of current and exciting movies and present them at "Movie Day," only to see some case managers (e.g., Marisella & Demitri) walk out 5 minutes later, ostensibly because they had so much other work to do. Liars.
But both Erin and Paul are young and mature enough not to care about work that needs to be done, and actually long for "Movie Day," and look forward to it every Friday afternoon. When Paul and especially Erin can't make it for the 2:00PM showing for some reason (Erin due to her enormous popularity and commitments to a myriad number of social events that takes her all over the country), we take extra pains to change the time so everyone can attend, say 9:00AM, for instance, at which times, the case mangers may bring croissants and coffee from the local Coffee Bean establishment.
And Erin has been known to come in on Fridays just for "Movie Day," on days she has called in sick. What a trooper!
I wouldn't attend if it were not for them being there. I never sit in the lobby to watch TV except for "Movie Day." Why? Because I'm very unsociable, I guess. Besides, I have cable up in my box and don't need to sit and watch it downstairs where I cannot work while watching "Two and a half Men."
And I like sharing the movies with Paul and Erin... especially Erin. I don't know why.
And I even attempt to educate my young case managers with my choice of films to watch (ever since Rodney moved out a few months ago I've pretty much had free reign as far as choosing the movies... except Greg is beginning to act up). My gosh, they are so young they haven't seen so many of the films that have made this country great, so I take it upon myself to educate them.
To date I've shown movies like "Dr. Strangelove" (which both of them did not appreciate as much as I do. I guess one must see it a couple of times to fully get this classic Kubrick film... and live under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation (which we still do, if you haven't forgotten, dear readers. Russia still has missiles pointed right at us)), "2001, A Space Odyssey" (same story), "Mr. Roberts," "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," "Sorcerer," "The China Syndrome," "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "We're No Angels," and "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra," among others.
Both Paul and Erin have thanked me repeatedly for bringing culture into their drab and dreary lives.
Last Friday of course, Erin and I enjoyed Elvira.
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is the famous character played by the lovely actress and comedian Cassandra Peterson. I've written about her before in the Salvation Diary book, and will again soon on Cassandra's rapidly approaching birthday. For now let's say I told Erin that Elvira at one time had her own television program here in L.A., "Movie Macabre" it was called, where she would relax on a sofa wearing her "black, Gothic, cleavage-enhacing gown," making amusing and satirical comments before or after the commercials, about the god awful horror films she was broadcasting. A forerunner, if you will, of Mystery Science Theater 3000, only with boobs.
Erin seemed interested (not in the boobs, but the T.V. show), watched the stupid trailer to the movie, and choose it over Greg's "The A Team." Good girl.
Boobs were on ample display as Elvira traipsed around in said "cleavage-enhacing gown," while trying to collect her Aunt's inheritance in Massachusetts. Erin and I both agreed that this film was good for men's health, as it has been recently proven that males ogling female breasts for at least ten minutes a day tend to increase their life span up to five years. I'm not kidding! Here's the link: http://www.themedguru.com/20091206/newsfeature/stare-boobs-longer-life-study-86131320.html
There was enough boobage in "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," to keep a platoon thriving for a decade.
Anyway, Erin enjoyed a nice McDonalds Chicken Wrap, while I munched out on brown rice and one frankfurter that I had sliced up and stuck in the rice.
I had some barbecue potato chips as well, although I am trying to eat healthier as to lose some weight around the middle.
"You don't need to lose weight," Erin said to me last Tuesday at Starbucks.
"Yes I do," I told her.
I had offered to make us both some macaroni and cheese with sliced up franks to eat while watching the boobage, er... movie, a dish that she seems to enjoy very much (see the picture above), but Erin had to decline due to medical reasons.
Erin had been to her throat specialist earlier in the day because her lovely throat had been bothering her as of late. It turns out she may be suffering from Acid Reflux, a condition were stomack acid backs up into the esophagus, causing irritation, and could get decidedly more serious if not looked after.
Her doctor put Erin on a strict diet regimen, which she is supposed to follow for the next two to six freaking months! She's only supposed to eat the following:

Apple, fresh
Apple, dried,
Apple juice


Green Beans
Baked potato


Multi-grain bread
White Bread
Corn bread
Brown rice
White rice
Couscous (Couscous? What the hell is this?)
Graham crackers
Saltine crackers
Rice cakes
Oatmeal Cereal
Frosted cereal
Bran based cereal


Cream cheese fat-free
Feta cheese
Goat cheese
Sour cream fat-free
Soy cheese, low-fat

Meats and Beans:

Chicken breast without skin
Egg white egg substitute
Fish, fresh prepared without added fat

Fats, Oils & Sweats:

Potato chips, baked
Cookie fat free
Jelly beans
Red licorice


Water (and fore mentioned apple juice)

Being as concerned about her as I am I gave her two cans of green beans, two cans of carrots, two cans of peas, four little potatoes she can bake, and some whole grain white bread. She grudgingly accepted these items, but I doubt she'll make use of them. She's very choosy about what she eats. At least she has them though.
If any of you dear readers have any advice for Erin, or know some recipes for foods she can eat with her restrictive diet in mind, please leave them in the comment section.
I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
And I will too.

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  1. That Erin is just a wonderful girl!